Tres Meses

Time flies when you're having fun.
Or when you have babies.
Life just seems to go so quickly some days.
And others (the ones where they won't nap and things are going slowly downhill) seem to drag by.
Yesterday marked 3 months since the arrival of my Baby Bear (aka Squishy Fats, aka Baby Ninja).
I can't even believe it.
It seemed like getting to this milestone would take forever but slowly & surely it crept up on us.
As I write this I'm listening to him in the other room, playing on his mat, beating the stew out of that smirking/mischievous octopus and talking to "the baby in the mirror".

Its melting my heart.
I love to hear his little voice and will go to crazy lady lengths to get him to use it.
He has totally changed our lives.

Yesterday his sister was talking to him while I changed his diaper after a bath and I wanted to cry my heart was so filled with joy listening to her banter with her brother.
He looked back with big brown eyes, raised eyebrows and toothless grin.
Be still my heart.
He has changed so much in the last 12 weeks as has our family unit.
We spent the first few weeks adjusting to his arrival.
Trying to make sense of this new life and get accustomed to no longer sleeping in.

The next few weeks were spent trying to figure him out and getting into some kind of routine that worked for all of us.
The last few weeks have been wonderful.
Routines have been established, schedules are working and everyone is finding their place in our new foursome.
It's still odd to me to say the phrase "my kids" but it also makes my heart do a little dance.
I have kids. Two wonderful children that God blessed D & I with.
These are our gifts.

We were so excited about this new little blessing and now he's here and it doesn't even seem real.
Three months in and we've sort of settled into a groove.
Carson is sleeping longer and more steadily.
He still has a hearty appetite and I am happy to supply him with what he needs to grow.
I've (somewhat) figured out how to incorporate his sister into his evening routines.
And she loves him wholeheartedly and honestly it just melts my heart.
It's been an incredible gift to watch this boy grow and change each day.

Today, in fact, he rolled over from his tummy to his back several times.
I got so excited I squealed and promptly emailed my husband.
And at that moment it hit me, had I gone back to work last week I would've totally missed this moment.
Sure it would've still happened but that first roll would've been witnessed by someone else.
I am so grateful.
There are moments of absolute insanity and stress when the baby is crying, we're starving, I'm trying to help Sweet Pea or just have a conversation with her and I haven't had a date with my man in months.
But then there are moments when we're all at the table eating dinner, talking and having a 'family moment' that make my heart just fill to bursting.
This is my life.

And I'm enjoying every single minute of it.

Happy 3 months Carson Riley!!!


  1. Happy 3 months to all of you! So glad you're getting your groove :) Love that last photo too, too funny!


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