Oh good gracious thank God it's finally Friday!!
This has been a bit of a nutty week.
Sweet Pea's 4th Grade Mission Project was due on Wednesday and like true creative people we procrastinated right up until Tuesday so she was up late finishing her writing and drawing.
The actual building of the mission got scrapped as Baby Bear decided he absolutely would NOT take a nap for more than 45 minutes that day.
Fortunately we took plenty of pictures when we visited so we were able to put together a slide show/power point to present.
Crisis averted.
Wednesday was Open House so dinner was Chick-fil-A as we had to go visit the classroom chat with her teacher who is retiring this year (and ever so lovely) and buy raffle tickets for the spring baskets
 (they had a MONEY tree y'all!! $225 worth of cash tied to tree branches. You know I bid on that!)
I also learned that one of my dear friends is going to be moving out of state soon due to her husband's promotion at work.
Insert sad melodramatic music here.
It almost broke my heart, I just love her and her family so much. 
But I am truly happy for them & this awesome opportunity.
I just wish the opportunity was in state.
Thursday morning I had planned to go to Sweet Pea's school and cue up the slide show for her presentation and then run some errands.
Unfortunately they would not let me on school grounds with the baby.
Parenting fail.
So I went home praying that some kind of way she would be able to still do her presentation and not get her grade docked, changed clothes and headed to Costco before it got crowded.
I got about 10 feet into Costco when her teacher called to tell me she had broken a strap on her sandals and could I please bring her another pair of shoes?
broken shoe strap.....smh
So I left Costco (fortunately I didn't have anything in my cart) and flew back home to grab her some shoes.
It was 11am.
She was getting out of school at 11:45 am.
So we went back home for a brief nap and then back to the school to get her and back to Costco.
My entire day was spent driving in circles.
I also thought it was Friday for the rest of the day.
The upside is I was able to spend under $200 at Costco and got the majority of items on our list.
Even the little mini Naked Juices!! 
mini naked juice!!
So excited about my Green Machine!
At some point during the afternoon I realized we would need a laptop to do the slideshow on and since ours died a while back, I was frantically trying to figure out who's we could borrow.
My father saved the day.
He drove all the way out here yesterday evening so I could have the laptop for this morning.
So today Babe stayed home with Baby Bear while I took the kid to school and cued up the slideshow.
She was nervous but she did great.
And I was happy it all worked out.
A highlight for me was seeing one of her classmates on the playground and have her call out "Hi Camryn's Mom". 
Sidebar: what's up with all the moms dropping their kids off with their PJ's still on?
I mean that's fine if you're not getting out of the car but if you plan on walking up to the campus do you think you could at least put on flip flops instead of slippers?
I at least put on my trusty boyfriend jeans, put my hair in a pony tail and filled in my eyebrows.
drop off attire

Tonight we are going to keep it simple and maybe watch a movie or catch up on the DVR.
I am exhausted!!
Sunday Carson will be 3 months old. 
time is just flying by.......

How was your week?


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