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You know what I love about the web and blogging?
there are endless blogs out there that appeal to so many people across the board. And there are some that only appeal to a certain type of person.
But either way they are out there for your perusal.
With each new blog I discover something new. 
Whether its fashion, or cooking or decorating it excites me to add them to my blog roll.
However, it also reminds me I need to clean up my reader as there are some blogs I don't even glance at anymore.
I guess that means my taste has evolved? Or I'm finally figuring out why I'm on here maybe?
Since I have become slightly fashion and home decor obsessed these past few months I have discovered several new blogs.
Some with the help of Pinterest and My Style, Style Inspiration & Home Style boards and others by clicking onto those blogs to see what they are reading.

A few of my recent favorites are:
For the Love Of
I happen to know Andrea in real life and I dig that she is all about lovely things.
Her style is timeless, approachable and modern with a classic twist.
I also appreciate that she is a mom of two with one more on the way and dresses for her age while still showcasing the latest trends.
#ASOSMaternity, #MaternityStyle; Boyfriend Maternity Jeans
photo: For the Love Of
The Pink Peonies
I found Rachel via an outfit I pinned to My Style board and have been kind of obsessed ever since.
Her style is more classic than mine but I am definitely inspired by how she puts those classic pieces together and still manages to make them look fresh.
obsessed with these jeans! i can rock this look!
photo: The Pink Peonies

photo: The Pink Peonies
Penny Pincher Fashion
Another recent discovery I dig that she is all about finding fabulous clothes on a budget, is a mom and still manages to look quite stylish and trendy without being too "put together".
Her commitment to sharing her frugal fashion sensibilities will keep me sticking around for more.
photo: Penny Pincher Fashion
The Stylish Housewife
Ahh Jennifer - the name alone intrigued me and then I saw a couple of outfits she posted and was totally hooked. Once again a mother, a "housewife" and a wonderful Southern California Chic vibe made me add her to my blog roll immediately.
photo: The Stylish Housewife
The Hollywood Housewife
She just seems cool and very normal.
Not quite a style or design blog she just kind of encompasses all things. And her life seems a bit more glamorous than most since she's married to a Hollywood producer so there's that too.
Wendy's LookBook
Similarly to The Pink Peonies I discovered Wendy when looking for the perfect boyfriend jean and  fell in love with her style.
She just kills it.
I can't always afford all the pieces but I have enough in my closet that I can definitely recreate a few of my favorite looks
Casual: Boyfriend Jeans & Mulberry Alexa
photo: wendy's lookbook

La Dolce Vita
A design blog I was immediately drawn to the images she showcased  for Fabulous Room Friday.
But what really got me was the images from Sally Wheat Decorates.
Talk about design inspiration!
Love, love, love!!!
Can't wait to peruse the blog further to see what she has up her sleeve.
photo: La Dolce Vita

Amber Interior Design
First of all her name is Amber so she must be awesome right?
Well she absolutely is.
I discovered her by accident while checking out La Dolce Vita whom I found via The Hollywood Housewife (see a pattern here? its like Alice in Wonderland and the rabbit hole).
I am really digging her aesthetic and sense of humor now that I've had a chance to really peruse the blog.
I have no doubt she will be the source of many inspired Pins and decor style for when we move and redecorate our space.
farmhouse style table, great chairs and turquoise chandelier.....totally do-able for WAY less!
photo: Amber Interior Design

Whether its fashion or home decor all of these blogs inspire me in different ways and really isn't that what the Internet is all about?
Blogger's have this cool little community that is built up based on word of mouth and people just doing a search and finding you somehow and they are hooked for life.
In one way its kind of creepy that anyone can find you but in another its wicked awesome that you can reach so many different types of people all from your personal sanctuary.
But I love the new sites I've found and love that I am  inspired to create a better home, a better me thanks to all of these lovely ladies.
It just goes to show that even though the ages of these women varies from early twenties to mid-thirties, true style never goes out of fashion and when you've got it......share it with the world!

What blogs inspire you?


  1. I'm hanging with Hollywood Housewife tomorrow and you're right...she's totally laid back and sweet! : )

  2. I don't think I could have said it better! Creepy and awesome, and a total rabbit hole. Thanks for sharing all of these, can't wait to go through them and see all the pretties!

    (also thanks for reminding me I could stand to clean up my reader subscriptions)


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