in the moment

Happy Hump Day!!
Its not the most beautiful of days so far but I'm feeling pretty good so its a start!
Currently I'm: 
- drinking Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee flavored coffee from my Keurig. 
mmmmm so good. Makes my whole house smell delicious and will definitely keep me from falling asleep on the couch so early in the day.
- setting out ingredients for tonight's dinner. Kahlua Jerk Chicken. 
So yummy and easy to make and the whole family enjoys it. I like to have all my items set up early in the day so if I need to go to the store I know what I'm missing rather than harassing Babe to pick it up on the way home.
- staring at the cute squishy face of my baby bear. I love to watch him sleep. He's just so stinking cute! And he snores which just kills me!
- excited about the progress I'm making with my workouts. This week is "No More Trouble Zones" (another Jillian DVD)
 it kicks my butt and I am dripping sweat at the end but I definitely see a change happening (not as fast as I would like of course) and it feels good knowing I'm taking charge of that aspect. 
- looking forward to going to visit a friend & her new baby girl tomorrow. I'm taking them an Italian Feast of a dinner. That makes me happy.
- thinking about driving down to San Diego on Saturday. Sweet Pea is working on her 4th grade mission project and she chose San Diego de Alacala so we have a road trip planned!
- folding laundry. It's like it never ends! As soon as I'm done with the last load, it's time to do it again! How many outfits are these people wearing!!
- happy about the state of my life. looking forward to see how things pan out in the next couple of weeks but generally pleased with things.

What are you up to today?


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