D.I.Y projects.....

We all know I am a Pinterest junkie and have recruited several of my friends to join in my Pinterest addiction so now they see how wicked awesome & useful it really is.
Remember how I said I wanted to stencil a rug?
I originally had designs on doing it before the baby arrived while I was in my full blown nesting stage but that didn't happen.
So then I thought, well once I recover I can get to it and that still hasn't happened.
And I'm glad it didn't because this morning I saw this fabulous rug on Tatertots & Jello (she is so stinking creative I love it)
7 tips on how to paint a rug
image via: Tatertots & Jello
And I am in LOVE.
I don't have the time or patience to tape of that design (maybe one day) but I found a similar stencil at Cutting Edge Stencils so I'm leaning towards that.
They have a TON of killer geometric designs that may just be right up my alley so I'm sure that will be a process to choose just one.
But who knows - I may end up stenciling more than one rug for the house like Jen's done!
I was super torn about the actual stencil for the rug and as I was going through my Home Style pin board I noticed a trend in that I was gravitating toward geometrically designed rugs.
As evidenced here:
Lara Spencer thrifty chic

I also realized I am not going to be tackling this project any time soon.
We plan on moving when our lease is up in November (say a prayer we are able to buy a house!)
so I want to save that project for our new place.
Since that place will be ours (hopefully) I can really put our own creative spin on things.
This makes me excited.
I can't wait to pull out all the stops and really get going on some of my more elaborate ideas.
Like how cute is this chair?

I love the bright colors and the fabric. I don't necessarily need to buy a brand new one but if I can find a similar style and then re-upholster it......oh snap! Custom furniture!
I also intend to paint our patio furniture a darker color - similar to this
Orange- think I want to stain my patio furniture this dark

That I actually plan to do sooner rather than later but I need to recruit a few friends for the process.
And a babysitter.
Or I may just pull an all-nighter and do it in the garage one evening during the week. 
Wouldn't that be fun?

Any d.i.y. projects you're working on around the house??


  1. All nighters sound fun until you are doing it LOL. I spent a few nights painting our new place and wayyyy regretted it in the early morning hours haha. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the decorating you do! I kind of love your style :)


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