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What's in Your Bag

Part of the beauty of blogging is that you get a glimpse into other people's lives. Similarly to when your neighbors leave their windows open & lights on or garage doors up. I tend to peek because......well, I'm nosy! I would say curious but I'm just going to be honest. I love to see how other people live and get ideas for my own life/home that way. Heather over at Glitter and Gloss is hosting a fun linky party today. And since I didn't have a blog planned but have some time to kill I thought I'd join in!

The amount of junk that I've been carrying is a bit out of control!
So glad I joined in the party to kind of clear out a bit of the clutter!
 A brief overview of all my goodies

Bag: Steven by Steve Madden (Nordstrom Rack)
What I got inside:
My wallet: Finally got a new (grown up/decent) one for Christmas and its purple-y pink so I love it
My necklace - found this in my car on Wednesday and haven't bothered to return it to it's home.
Tide to Go: A …

weight of the nation

You all know that I have been on a workout mission for the last 6 weeks.
It's no secret that I am much less disciplined about my food choices than I should be.
I am a french fry eating, chocolate chip cookie & cupcake baking, pizza loving mom. But since having Baby Bear I have had to work hard to lose the baby weight. At first it was just incorporating workouts and then it was realizing that in order to get rid of the layer of chub, I had to modify the actual food that was going into my body. In short, I had to change how I thought about food. While pregnant I really didn't give much thought to how much I ate.
In the beginning (and while I was working) I gave into whatever sounded good that wouldn't make me nauseous.
Once I went on leave we ate pretty well balanced meals for the most part since I was home and able to cook about 80% of the time.
But postpartum is a different story. I am breastfeeding so I want to be sure to provide my son with only the best nutrients w…

What a weekend!

Ahh what a great weekend. I love it when the weather is awesome and I get to spend time with my man and my kiddos and not have a ton of things to do. Saturday the girl and I had hair appointments (thank the Lord cuz we needed them) so I was able to get in some chat time with my bff sister-friend and hairdresser Ms. Ebony and Sweet Pea got to kick it w/ her (Ebony's) daughter (& bff) Miss Jada girl. Love those ladies. We left looking like much better versions of earlier selves and went home happy. Babe spent the day getting fly himself and then stopped by his BFF's casa to kick it with his god-daughter for a bit. He ended up staying for the Laker game (heartbreaking loss) so by the time he made it home,Baby Bear was knocked out and Sweet Pea and I were on the couch watching a movie. Yesterday we decided to grill out and invited over a few friends and their families for an afternoon of food, family & a lot of laughter.
For me it was an excellent day.
I'm sure I'…

Tres Meses

Time flies when you're having fun. Or when you have babies. Life just seems to go so quickly some days. And others (the ones where they won't nap and things are going slowly downhill) seem to drag by. Yesterday marked 3 months since the arrival of my Baby Bear (aka Squishy Fats, aka Baby Ninja).
I can't even believe it.
It seemed like getting to this milestone would take forever but slowly & surely it crept up on us.
As I write this I'm listening to him in the other room, playing on his mat, beating the stew out of that smirking/mischievous octopus and talking to "the baby in the mirror".

Its melting my heart.
I love to hear his little voice and will go to crazy lady lengths to get him to use it.
He has totally changed our lives.

Yesterday his sister was talking to him while I changed his diaper after a bath and I wanted to cry my heart was so filled with joy listening to her banter with her brother.
He looked back with big brown eyes, raised eyebrows an…

D.I.Y projects.....

We all know I am a Pinterest junkie and have recruited several of my friends to join in my Pinterest addiction so now they see how wicked awesome & useful it really is. Remember how I said I wanted to stencil a rug? I originally had designs on doing it before the baby arrived while I was in my full blown nesting stage but that didn't happen. So then I thought, well once I recover I can get to it and that still hasn't happened. And I'm glad it didn't because this morning I saw this fabulous rug on Tatertots & Jello (she is so stinking creative I love it) And I am in LOVE. I don't have the time or patience to tape of that design (maybe one day) but I found a similar stencil at Cutting Edge Stencils so I'm leaning towards that. They have a TON of killer geometric designs that may just be right up my alley so I'm sure that will be a process to choose just one. But who knows - I may end up stenciling more than one rug for the house like Jen's done! …


Oh good gracious thank God it's finally Friday!! This has been a bit of a nutty week. Sweet Pea's 4th Grade Mission Project was due on Wednesday and like true creative people we procrastinated right up until Tuesday so she was up late finishing her writing and drawing. The actual building of the mission got scrapped as Baby Bear decided he absolutely would NOT take a nap for more than 45 minutes that day. Fortunately we took plenty of pictures when we visited so we were able to put together a slide show/power point to present. Crisis averted. Wednesday was Open House so dinner was Chick-fil-A as we had to go visit the classroom chat with her teacher who is retiring this year (and ever so lovely) and buy raffle tickets for the spring baskets  (they had a MONEY tree y'all!! $225 worth of cash tied to tree branches. You know I bid on that!) I also learned that one of my dear friends is going to be moving out of state soon due to her husband's promotion at work. Insert sad…

WIWW - Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was especially lovely. I was able to celebrate with my girlfriends at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa on Saturday and that was all I wanted. To lay out by the pool with an adult beverage, have a massage and just relax. Sunday, we spent the early part of the day with our immediate family. My mother, God-mother, Mother-in-love, Babe's Grandmother all his sisters and brother met up for brunch at the Omni Hotel in Downtown L.A. Sadly we did not get a group photo as everyone was busy enjoying the delicious food and free flowing mimosas. We then stopped by the home of his BFF's mother and spent the remainder of the day with the Famdamily and all our kiddos. It warmed my heart to see all the new babies toddling about. This time last year two were pregnant and we were working on Baby Bear and they are in the flesh! So sweet! I spent the entire week thinking about my outfit (cuz that's how I roll) and was inspired by the Target Style email with mo…


Being that it's Mother's Day weekend, it's only appropriate that I write this post. Today I chose my kids. I drove all the way to downtown Los Angeles with the baby bear and officially resigned from my job. It was exciting to see everyone and I felt a surge of .....something being in the office but I knew deep in my heart that home is where I am supposed to be right now. I thought hard about it.  Weighed the options and even half-heartedly looked into childcare. Then I just gave it up to God and let it go. And in time my answer came. Choose the kids. I know there will be plenty of time to be a fancy working mom. I've been there and done that. But right now, in this season of my life, at (almost) 33 years old. I am supposed to be at home with my baby boy and be there for my little girl. It's funny how okay I am with this. 10 years ago I felt like I had to prove something to myself and my peers. A young mother trying to convince everyone I could handle anything and ev…

Weekend Review

Ahh Monday....usually somewhat of a drag or kind of slow going but today not so much. We had a fabulous weekend as a quartet and went on our very first day trip adventure! As a student in California our 4th grade Sweet Pea has to do a project on one of the California missions. She chose Mission San Diego de Alcala. So Saturday we took a day trip to go visit the mission, take a tour and get some photos. It was the perfect day for it. The weather was beautiful and the drive down was nice and relaxing. The mission was stunning. Arches, fountains and paved brick walkways....... I have a thing for Spanish architecture so it was right up my alley and there was a peaceful energy surrounding the place. Babe & Sweet Pea got a ton of great pictures while I pushed the baby bear around and enjoyed the scenery. After we left the mission we headed into Old Town San Diego for some lunch. Of course since it was Cinco de Mayo the place was packed with the majority of streets blocked off. We manag…

Baby Fat ( an update)

Okay so I'm 10 weeks (going on 11) postpartum and I am feeling MUCH better than I was here. It's amazing how a few extra hours of sleep, some great workouts to create/boost the endorphins and time have completely changed my attitude. I'm only 4 weeks into my post baby body revolution as I had to wait for the 6 week "ok" from the doc but I definitely see the changes. And I am thrilled about it. I started out doing Lindsay Brin's Post-Natal Boot Camp and that was great for the first week but I have zero patience and wanted results fast. So I stepped it up to Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. She kicked my tail so hard the first week I took Friday, Saturday & Sunday off to recover. But I got back on the wagon soon enough and graduated all the way to level 3. Still I was not satisfied with my overall progress. I could see changes but at the same time it  is was like nothing was happening. So I started doing it every day instead of every other day. I then threw …

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New Discoveries

You know what I love about the web and blogging? there are endless blogs out there that appeal to so many people across the board. And there are some that only appeal to a certain type of person. But either way they are out there for your perusal. With each new blog I discover something new.  Whether its fashion, or cooking or decorating it excites me to add them to my blog roll. However, it also reminds me I need to clean up my reader as there are some blogs I don't even glance at anymore. I guess that means my taste has evolved? Or I'm finally figuring out why I'm on here maybe? Maybe. Anywho. Since I have become slightly fashion and home decor obsessed these past few months I have discovered several new blogs. Some with the help of Pinterest and My Style, Style Inspiration & Home Style boards and others by clicking onto those blogs to see what they are reading.
A few of my recent favorites are: For the Love Of
I happen to know Andrea in real life and I dig that she …

in the moment

Happy Hump Day!! Its not the most beautiful of days so far but I'm feeling pretty good so its a start! Currently I'm:  - drinking Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee flavored coffee from my Keurig.  mmmmm so good. Makes my whole house smell delicious and will definitely keep me from falling asleep on the couch so early in the day. - setting out ingredients for tonight's dinner. Kahlua Jerk Chicken. So yummy and easy to make and the whole family enjoys it. I like to have all my items set up early in the day so if I need to go to the store I know what I'm missing rather than harassing Babe to pick it up on the way home. - staring at the cute squishy face of my baby bear. I love to watch him sleep. He's just so stinking cute! And he snores which just kills me! - excited about the progress I'm making with my workouts. This week is "No More Trouble Zones" (another Jillian DVD)  it kicks my butt and I am dripping sweat at the end but I definitely see a change …