Why Celebrities are ruining it for "normal People"

Its not an earth shattering statement that celebrities are unrealistic creatures.
They have the money and resources to do what the everyday person cannot and it kind of sucks.
Under normal circumstances, a woman has a baby and it takes her a while to 'bounce back' so to speak.
Not when you're famous.
First you have the paparazzi hounding you to weigh in on your weight gain and then they want to discuss how fast you lose the weight after.
And these women are going to extreme measures to get back in star shape.
Like getting on bike for spin class a week after giving birth and adhering to a strict diet straight out of the hospital!
That is just ridiculous not to mention completely unhealthy.

Miranda Kerr was quoted as saying she eats 'gogi berries and roasted almonds' for snacks to keep cravings at bay but she does "indulge" as she loves organic chocolate.
Really? Organic chocolate?
I'm sure she only has a small sliver.
How about admitting a love for chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes? (my personal weakness)
Or how about when they simply chalk it up to "good genes" and "eating right while pregnant and breastfeeding"?
"The weight just came off!" they say with astonishing conviction.
No mention of the grueling work outs that most of us have to endure to look good normally, let alone after having a baby.
These women are then plastered on the cover of magazines (tabloids and legit mags alike)  touted as having a great bod and giving details on how you too can look like them.

But lets be honest, it's not really going to happen.
Most women don't bounce back that quickly and if they do its not without a lot of work.
Plus these women have nannies, trainers, chefs and or meal delivery systems so there is no worries about how to squeeze in a work out into their busy schedules.
They are, in a sense, paid to look good so it's their job to work off that weight.
But the amount of pressure given to real women to mimic that same schedule or intensity is just plain wrong.
Y'all know I have  been working on my fitness since the doctor gave me the green light and I will be the first to admit it has been HARD.
I am just now starting to see some results and that feels great.
I know it will take a few more weeks to get back to where I was fully but progress is progress.
I ran into a woman at my daughters school and recently had her baby boy ,she has a 1 month old, and her mother in law commented on how "good" I looked.
I was super grateful for the compliment but 100% honest when I said I have been killing myself since my doc gave me the all clear.
And I mean it.
The first week I took it a bit easy as I wanted to get my body re-acclimated to working out.
The next week I went a little bit harder but only did Jillian's Level 1 Shred every other day and some easier workouts on the "off" days and even squeezed in a  buns workout Sunday morning!
But this week I challenged myself.
I have been dragging my tired butt out of bed after Carson's early morning feeding (around 4:30-5ish) and have stepped it up to Level 2.
Believe me, all I want to do is stay asleep. 
Especially since he seems to be sleeping better these days (thank you Jesus!) but I know that there will be no change if I don't just do it.
So I do.
I did it the same way two years ago while prepping for the wedding so its not totally foreign to me.
I feel great after I knock it out and I don't have to fret about finding time for a shower or the baby waking up in the middle of my session as Babe is upstairs slumbering away.
Its my therapy right now.
However, I can understand how it could be frustrating for someone else who is not willing to go to these extremes.
Someone who looks at a magazine or website and becomes depressed or upset because they aren't bikini ready 3 months post baby.
Most women aren't. And that's okay.
But our society is filled with "hot moms" who are there to "inspire" us to do/be better women/mothers and its all so extreme it can drive a woman insane.
I know that I personally put pressure on myself to get into shape but I've been discovering its not really for vanity purposes.
Yes, I want to not only fit into my clothes but look good in them as well, but I also want to feel good about ME.
I want to feel proud of setting a goal, working on a plan and sticking to it.
So to all my mama's out there who may have a few extra pounds lingering (whether you had a baby 2 months  or 10 years ago) do what makes you feel good and feel like you.
Don't fret about society's standards and what they say you should look like it.
Its not realistic or practical in anyway.
Who has time to workout 3 hours a day 5 days a week???

Ohh  that's right, celebrities do!


  1. AMEN! On my daughter's 1st birthday I weighed 20lbs less than I did before I got pregnant, but that was not without really HARD work. HARD work that included pushing through the tired times and juggling schedules so that I could go run even when it wasn't as "convenient". Could I still stand to lose 5-10 lbs? Sure, but I would rather still eat my cakes, cupcakes, and DQ on the regular, because uh a sliver of chocolate? NO thanks. You are so right, have to do what is best for you. Celebrities are weirdos for the most part and selling a lifestyle that not only is overly extravagant, but not even healthy. That's my two cents!

  2. I actually feel terribly sorry for celebrities. Just imagine if we did have that pressure on us???!!! I'm sure they would love nothing more than to enjoy their chocolates, cupcakes, and as Katie mentioned DQ on the regular. The tabloids and paparazzi would have their heads on a platter if they were to indulge and not put their bodies through the ringer in order to lose weight and look fabulous at all times. I truly believe that is why so many of them end up abusing their bodies through addiction and ultimately untimely deaths.

    All of this to say....ok, ok, ok Amber I'm going to wake up at 4:30 twice this week (Wed and Fri.) to work out for 30mins since you had to go and Blog Brag about how you're stepping it up to level 2.


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