Playing Dress-Up

Its no secret that I have a passion for fashion but in my current state of  "body limbo" I'm having  a bit of a tough time picking out clothes.
Things have to be both cute and somewhat functional as I'm still breastfeeding and I may have to whip out one of the girls at any moment.
Also the increased chest size is making my shirts a bit more snug than when I bought them.
Interesting turn of events, definitely not complaining about that though.
So things are in a transitional stage (story of my life right now) and I'm also trying to really nail down "what is MY personal style".
I know what I like on others but can I really pull some of those looks off?
I have a style pin board you can follow to see what I mean.
And I have begun to see a pattern to what I gravitate towards and that's been kind of fun.
The next step will of course be going through the closet and totally paring it down to what really works for me.
It may result in me having to do more laundry but that's okay with me if that allows me to have a more functional/ working closet/ wardrobe that is both stylish and mommy friendly.
I have a current obsession with a few items:
Boyfriend jeans
I know I've written about my quest for the perfect pair before but I was checking out Pink Peonies  and Rachel (who has excellent style by the way) has a wicked pair of Paige Premium skinny boyfriends which I'm kind of obsessed with.
image via Pinterest/Pink Peonies

I must have them. 
But even though they are premium denim and I have a few pairs from this brand already that fit me great, I'm kind of not really wanting to part with the cash. 
And I can't find them anywhere for less than $100. 
Perhaps I may splurge and treat myself.
I mean, they are incredibly versatile.
image via Pink Peonies

However, the GAP boyfriend is available again

 but since I don't really wear GAP denim I'm a little leery of how they may fit.
Then there is the whole colored denim phenomenon.
I kind of want to hop on that band wagon.
image via pinterest

image via pinterest

The color just excites me so and has me looking forward to the warmer weather for sure.
Seems like they would be easy to style with a simple tee or a fun patterned top.
Anybody else loving the bright colors?
I am definitely a jeans girl but am finding through these style boards that I lean towards an simple but eclectically polished bohemian look mixed with a smidge of sparkle/ funk if that makes any sense.
(see below)

(all images via my Pinboard)

One of the things I adore about Pinterest is that I can live out my fashion fantasies without committing to any one look or style.
And by creating these boards I've given myself a good idea of what to look for on my next shopping trip......whenever that may be.
It's funny how my style has evolved over the years.
I went through a similar transition after Sweet Pea was born but that was a completely different time (both fashion wise and mentally) and place.
My fashion sense was still very much "young adult" and not really "mom friendly".
When I look at photos from back then.....all I can do is shake my head. 
It wasn't awful but it wasn't awesome either.
This time I have a better idea of what kinds of clothes will work and what looks good on me rather than just buying things that fit.
Now there is so much inspiration out there its kind of overwhelming, I feel like every other blogger is an aspiring fashionista and has a very distinct eclectic style that I will probably never pull off.
But I do like to live vicariously through others so I continue to blog stalk as often as possible.
So while I wait to squeeze back in to my 'regular' size jeans I will continue pinning my little heart out and getting inspired by the many fashionistas around the blogosphere.

Are there any blogs/bloggers/celebs whose style inspires you?
How would you define your personal style?


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