happenings in the hills

Life has been trucking along pretty consistently.
No longer counting the weeks for some baby/body milestone but rather just enjoying each day as it comes.
A new concept for someone who perpetually looks/plans ahead to the next thing.
We had a relaxing week and just kept it going into the weekend.
Friday was Family Fun night at Sweet Pea's school so after Babe got home from work we headed over the hill for an evening of games & cotton candy. 
She got to get her face painted and hang out with some friends 

 Babe won a free cake in the Cake Walk so that was pretty exciting
 I'm really excited as its not the kind of cake I like so I don't have to even think about eating it!!

Saturday even though we were all up and dressed by noon we decided to sit around and catch up on the DVR.
I had to run to the store for lasagna ingredients for Sunday and returned after an hour and a half to find my baby boy sleeping soundly. 
He was already asleep when I left so this just jazzed me out as it had been over 3 hours since his last feeding! whoo hoo! making some progress!
We had a preview to the EPIX channel so we watched all the Avengers characters movies (Iron Man 2, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk) as well as Transformers Dark of the Moon.
Since we got our new TV that has a wicked resolution (it looks like live action - like you are in the room) its been fun to re-watch some of our favorite graphically creative movies.

Sunday the weather was beautiful yet again and much to nice to stay inside so I took the boy 
 down to Long Beach to hang out with my mom and make our first foray into the world of Flea Market(ing). 
I have only been one or two times to smaller flea markets so it was pretty fun to traipse down the aisles and see all the wares. 
As I mentioned here - I am learning how to spot furniture that can be refurbished to my tastes so this was more of a scouting mission although I did score an awesome jazz print for our living room.

My mom was also kind enough to pick me up a case of my favorite Organic Iced Green tea from her local Costco as mine no longer had any in stock.
I was so excited about it I rushed out of her house to buy two more cases.

Yes, I have a problem.
Sunday evening my baby slept for 5 hours!! Holy rested parents Batman!!
I felt GREAT when I woke up this morning! 
I actually woke up a couple of times freaking out cuz he wasn't making a peep!
I got my workout in and came back to bed and he was still sleeping soundly!
What a blessing and great way to start off the week!
Hopefully he keeps this up and he will be sleeping in his own room in no time!

How was your weekend?


  1. Excellent! I'm so glad to hear he's sleeping longer. I checked him out in the photograph up above and he's definitely put on an additional fat layer since I last saw him. This is what's helping him...I know it would help me! LOL. You can just see the milk stored in his cheeks!!! I love it! From the sounds of it, he will DEFINITELY be sleeping in his own room soon enough. "In no time..." Well, looking at those thighs....he's going to have to put on at least another two layers on those before you'll really feel like the coast is clear. He's got little cute piglet shanks, when they start to resemble Hog shanks....then you'll be on to something or even better as Grandmother would say, "Cooking with grease."! :) ROFL!! Love you!


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