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Better than the latest breast pump, better than the fancy video monitor, more important than a diaper genie and equally as awesome as a good bra......having great girlfriends is one of the best things a mother/woman can have.
I was watching Sex and the City 2 a few days ago where Charlotte and Miranda have a chat about motherhood and was struck by how important it is to have girlfriends to talk things over with.
While visiting Abu Dhabi Miranda finally gets Charlotte to admit her true feelings about motherhood and her children. Her two year old was going through a horrific crying stage and her older daughter was just begging for attention and Charlotte kept saying "everything is fine" when it clearly was not.
Miranda saw her friend struggling and finally called her on it and gave her the forum to open up.
It reminded me how grateful I am to have my wonderful set of girlfriends. 
Motherhood is hard
It takes a lot out of you and requires so much. 
If you don't take time out for yourself it can be detrimental to your health.
I know from personal experience. 
When Sweet Pea was born I tried to be superwoman.
 I had no idea what I was doing and no clue how to ask for the help I desperately needed. 
Even though I love to talk, it was hard to communicate to others how I was really feeling.
I've since learned from my mistakes and have been very vocal about how mothers need to talk to each other and let others know the truth.
It's okay to admit that you are having a bad day and need a break.
It's perfectly normal to want to have a break from your kids.
Or to enjoy going to work and getting out of the house.
That it's okay to have something just for you.
 Hell, it's even necessary to our sanity and survival.
We don't talk about it enough, if ever at all. 
We all spend so much of our time trying to one up each other about how well it's all going....that we rarely let our guards down to discuss what's really bothering us.
Even amongst our closest friends.
My BFF Michelle was in town the weekend after I gave birth and it helped a lot to be able to just sit and talk things out with her.
 Let her know how crazy I felt and some of my fears. No judgement.
We shared our "war stories" and laughed until our sides hurt.
Being a mother as well...she gets it. And bring my friend she gets ME.
I've really been blessed to have a great support system in my friends who let me call and vent my frustrations and listen.
Not everyone has that and that makes me sad.
I realize how truly blessed I am to have these wonderful women around.
Whether its someone to go shopping with, take a class with or just sit down and pour out your heart to.
We all need that from time to time.
I know I do.
Its the only thing that's gotten me through these last six weeks.
My husband is amazing.
He works hard and he helps out with the baby and around the house.
Sweet Pea has been a gem, helping me and just loving on her brother.
But the support of my girlfriends....that has been priceless.
I even got a care package from my mafia girls earlier this month.
They sent me some killer magenta heels and two pairs of shoes for the boy.
It totally cheered me up ( I may or may not have shed a few tears of happiness) on a day when I was beyond exhausted, frustrated and starving.
Not a good combination for me but boy did that change when I opened that box!
Even just a text, an FB message or a quick Face Time chat and I feel renewed in my spirit.
I thank my lucky stars that over the last 15 years I have cultivated this magical group of ladies who lift my spirits and make me giggle.
My circle of friends is as nutty as I am but they are wise beyond their years.
We each bring something different to the table and I honestly don't know where I would be without these ladies in my life.
Recently, I was able to sneak away and have a moms night out to see a movie with my girl Q and even though there were obstacles impeding our hanging out ( her car broke down) we worked it as we were determined to get some girl time!
We had drinks before our movie to catch up on our lives and it was wonderful to be able to voice all of the crazy that has been going on in my head and see her nod hers in agreeance and understanding.
That is more precious than anything and worth more to me than words can express.
That night reminded me of how a few years ago my girls and I would get together for monthly dinners/drinks/lunch.
Whatever we could squeeze in.
I definitely need to get back to that.

Family is great but there are a few times when you just need to kick up your heels with the ladies and let loose!

Do you and your girlfriends have any rituals or routines to make sure you stay in touch?


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