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happenings in the hills

Life has been trucking along pretty consistently. No longer counting the weeks for some baby/body milestone but rather just enjoying each day as it comes. A new concept for someone who perpetually looks/plans ahead to the next thing. We had a relaxing week and just kept it going into the weekend. Friday was Family Fun night at Sweet Pea's school so after Babe got home from work we headed over the hill for an evening of games & cotton candy.  She got to get her face painted and hang out with some friends 
 Babe won a free cake in the Cake Walk so that was pretty exciting  I'm really excited as its not the kind of cake I like so I don't have to even think about eating it!! Yaay!
Saturday even though we were all up and dressed by noon we decided to sit around and catch up on the DVR. I had to run to the store for lasagna ingredients for Sunday and returned after an hour and a half to find my baby boy sleeping soundly.  He was already asleep when I left so this just jazze…

For Life

Better than the latest breast pump, better than the fancy video monitor, more important than a diaper genie and equally as awesome as a good bra......having great girlfriends is one of the best things a mother/woman can have. I was watching Sex and the City 2 a few days ago where Charlotte and Miranda have a chat about motherhood and was struck by how important it is to have girlfriends to talk things over with. While visiting Abu Dhabi Miranda finally gets Charlotte to admit her true feelings about motherhood and her children. Her two year old was going through a horrific crying stage and her older daughter was just begging for attention and Charlotte kept saying "everything is fine" when it clearly was not.
Miranda saw her friend struggling and finally called her on it and gave her the forum to open up. It reminded me how grateful I am to have my wonderful set of girlfriends.  Motherhood is hard.  It takes a lot out of you and requires so much.  If you don't take time…

Design on a dime

It's no secret that I love design shows. I am slightly obsessed with all things HGTV. The really cool part? My husband will watch most of them with me! However, as a renter its kind of a struggle to decorate our space exactly as I see it in my mind. We can only do so much with existing wall colors and layout. So D and I have been talking seriously about buying a house this year. I couldn't be more excited. It makes sense as we are now pretty much set as a family of four and feel as though we are out growing our current space. So it's kind of been fun to watch the people on HGTV's House Hunters, Property Virgins and other design shows experiences. We've learned a lot about what is our personal style and what exactly we are looking for in a home. I know my job as a wife and mother is to create a space that we all find comfort in. To make our home a sanctuary of sorts and for me that means having a home with approachable yet modern style. We're not heavily into v…

Why Celebrities are ruining it for "normal People"

Its not an earth shattering statement that celebrities are unrealistic creatures. They have the money and resources to do what the everyday person cannot and it kind of sucks. Under normal circumstances, a woman has a baby and it takes her a while to 'bounce back' so to speak. Not when you're famous. First you have the paparazzi hounding you to weigh in on your weight gain and then they want to discuss how fast you lose the weight after. And these women are going to extreme measures to get back in star shape. Like getting on bike for spin class a week after giving birth and adhering to a strict diet straight out of the hospital! That is just ridiculous not to mention completely unhealthy.

Miranda Kerr was quoted as saying she eats 'gogi berries and roasted almonds' for snacks to keep cravings at bay but she does "indulge" as she loves organic chocolate. Really? Organic chocolate? I'm sure she only has a small sliver. How about admitting a love for cho…

Two Months

8 weeks 60 days 1440 hours (quiet a few of them sleepless) My how time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were headed to the hospital to meet Carson and here we are now two whole months later. Its been a wild ride to say the least. We've essentially "started over" being that Sweet Pea is now 10 and super self sufficient. But we are so happy to have this little man in our lives. His little personality is beginning to come out and the squeals, giggles and smiles are becoming more common. To commemorate his baby hood we had my good friend Melissacome by for a "newborn" & family photo shoot (newborn is in quotes as he was clearly 6 weeks old at this point) She was also the second shooter at our wedding and has become a dear friend so it seemed only natural to have her come out and document the fluffy boy. Melissa has an awesome eye and was really able to capture Carson's squishiness and the true essence of our family of four. Please check out a few phot…

Control Crazed

I'm a little bit losing my mind these days.
I am slightly obsessed with shopping and growing my wardrobe to find "just the right thing".  Never mind that my body is still in flux so I can only fit so many items currently in my closet (namely my favorite jeans).  It has become an addiction of sorts.  I have been to Nordstrom Rack 3x in the last week and a half.  Wednesday I took may baby out as soon as it stopped raining so I could buy a purse.

Albeit a fabulous purse which had been haunting me in my dreams but a purse none-the-less.
And it's not like it was a necessity, I just didn't want to miss out on having it.
(insert mental rational here>>>>I plan on getting rid of quite a few "junk" purses when I do my closet purge and this is keeping in line with my quality vs. quantity fashion pursuits<<<< end justification) Monday I ordered the long sought after boyfriend jeans from Hautelook and I was thrilled when they were dropped at …

Transparent Thoughts

Next week Carson will be 2 months old. Has it really been two months? it feels like two minutes. We are completely enamored with this little man. All three of us. Sweet Pea loves her baby brother best of all and I am soaking that up. Babe loves on him and it melts my heart to see them knocked out on the couch or making faces at each other. I find myself cuddling & snuggling him at all hours of the day and can't get enough of his smell and sweet face. But I will be honest - its still a struggle. I am exhausted most days. Some are better than others and some days......well I look in the mirror and think "I look WHIPPED. I should do something about myself before my husband comes home!" But then I don't because I'm too tired to go upstairs, dinner to start, and  laundry that needs to be done.....etc.etc. On a good day I manage to shower and put on makeup and fix myself so that I feel good but on a bad day.....well let's just say that its not pretty. And whil…

A bit scattered

Today is kind of a blah day. It's a little bit rainy  but the sun keeps peeking out to brighten up the afternoon and my mind is all over the place. We're smack dab in the middle of Sweet Pea's spring break which has been a much needed reprieve for me. She's off visiting her aunts and cousins in the valley so it's just been Babe,Baby Ninja and I. I miss her but I know she needed a break from us and some time with her extended family. We're working on getting Ninja boy on a better sleeping schedule so this week has been a bit of a struggle. I've also begun stepping up my workouts and am desperate to squeeze one or two in each day as well as a shower. (dreaming big I know) The Ninja being up all night is not beneficial to this desire of mine but I am powering through. I see a change in my body already since beginning my workouts last week and for that I am grateful but I know I still have a ways to go before I'm at my "ideal" place. Its become a…
So I'm 4 days into my "post baby body revolution" and so far so good. I got the all clear from the doctor on Tuesday and have been 'workin it out' ever since. She warned me I might be a little more sore than normal due to the c-section so I started off slow with Lindsay Brin's Post-Natal Boot Camp. I have to say I enjoyed it although I was quite winded in doing the first section of cardio as I haven't done anything more strenuous than walk up the stairs in recent weeks. I was doing her Pre-Natal workouts up to the week before I gave birth so I like her style and looking at her post baby body (she's had 3 c-sections) gives me hope. Wednesday I decided to focus on my abs and legs so I found my favorite Bridal Absession by Violet Zakion YouTube and did that along withStephanie Vitorino's Bootylicious Buns. That kicked my butt a bit. Those workouts are no joke. They are short but you feel the burn immediately.  I also realized how out of shape I real…

Playing Dress-Up

Its no secret that I have a passion for fashion but in my current state of  "body limbo" I'm having  a bit of a tough time picking out clothes. Things have to be both cute and somewhat functional as I'm still breastfeeding and I may have to whip out one of the girls at any moment. Also the increased chest size is making my shirts a bit more snug than when I bought them. Interesting turn of events, definitely not complaining about that though. So things are in a transitional stage (story of my life right now) and I'm also trying to really nail down "what is MY personal style". I know what I like on others but can I really pull some of those looks off? I have a stylepin boardyou can follow to see what I mean. And I have begun to see a pattern to what I gravitate towards and that's been kind of fun. The next step will of course be going through the closet and totally paring it down to what really works for me. It may result in me having to do more laundry but t…

6 weeks

It's official.....we are 6 weeks  postpartum today!! My how the time has dragged flown by! In the beginning (3 days post-op) I thought I would never get here and we are! It's been a long, tiring road but boy am I happy to be here right now. I have a chubby cheeked little boy who like to give me smiles in the early morning and make kissy lips at me.
I've managed to squeeze into a few of my 'regular' jeans and I can start working out again! Hooray! That is, as soon as the doctor gives me the all clear on Tuesday. I'm already planning my workout for tomorrow evening. It will be short (20min. max) but I can't wait. I think these endorphins will be just what I need to get me over the hump and really back to feeling like "myself". I've gotten a few "pick me ups" here and there: Getting my hair done was a great boost. New Jessica Simpson wedge brightened a dreary day
And a "fashion care package" from my mafia have been GREAT distra…