The Makeup Show L.A.

You all know that I'm a makeup artist by trade right?
Hmm.....clearly I have not been doing a great job promoting that on here.
Well, Sunday I had the pleasure of escaping my mommy duties and attending day two of The Makeup Show L.A.  
It was absolutely fabulous.
all the makeup lovers
air brushing at makeup forever

A makeup lover (and artists) dream come true.
What is it you ask?
Well its an annual event in which the top industry artists and pro-driven companies present the latest products, seminars, hands on workshops and forums in one space.
I had the opportunity to learn about some of the newest lines, see & test out products, purchase supplies and hear fabulous keynote speakers!
I met one of the top celebrity makeup artists Troy Jensen (he's done everyone from J.Lo to Kim Kardashian)
Troy Jensen & I

 and re-connect with the fabulous Lori Taylor of  Smashbox (Pro Lead Makeup Artist).
Lori Taylor

She's kind of a She-ro of mine.
Gorgeous, talented, generous with her time and advice and nice to boot!
I left there truly inspired and motivated to make Sweet Emotions Makeup Artistry a better known brand and business.
Ideas on how to better carve out my niche and serve my clients were flying through my head on the drive home from downtown.
Of course there was a TON of product for sale and I had to indulge a bit.
I am so happy with my purchases but do regret not getting a few much needed tools and accessories.
Not to worry as I will be making a trip to Nigel Beauty Emporium to pick up what I talked myself out of.
trolley style makeup case

inside the has drawers!!

folding directors chair!!

I didn't want my CFO to have a heart attack when I walked in with 20 different bags!!
So I forced myself to show some restraint and left the show after about 20 laps around the building and 3 hours.
I'm so happy I was able to attend this event, meet all these artists, get some great products and be inspired all at the same time.
It's exactly what I needed at this point in my life.

Who wants to go with me next year??


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