Catching up

Oh my!
 I feel so behind!
It seems like its been ages since I posted anything let alone had time to read other blogs!!
Sleep deprivation and baby cuddles will do that to a girl I guess.
I'm not complaining though.
I feel a bit like I'm finally breaking through the haze I've been walking around in for the last few weeks so that makes me happy.
Yesterday we celebrated Sweet Pea's 10th  birthday.
I can't believe it.
I have a TEN YEAR OLD!!!
When the heck did that happen? Has it really been a decade since she entered our lives???
She is such a little lady and I am such a proud parent these days.
A great kid and wonderful big sister. She is very concerned about how her little brother is faring in the world.
Seriously, I am like bursting at the seams, I have so much love in my heart for my two little gems.
As part of Sweet Pea's birthday extravaganza we decided to 'upgrade' her room.
Meaning we made it look less like a little girl lives there and more like a tween's.
So for the past week Babe has been in IKEA hell world putting together her new bed, desk,dresser and new flat screen TV.
I plan on doing a whole post on that as we did some "Ikea hack" type customizations and even though its still a work in progress she seems to love it.
We haven't seen her since it's been completed. =)

I'm also excited as I'm attending The Makeup Show L.A. this weekend!!
Hooray for getting out of the house by myself and to being surrounded by Beauty Industry Insiders & Professionals!
Can't wait to see what they have in store!
And of course, it's March Madness so Babe and I have been watching college basketball all day.
It's kind of a tradition with us.
He gets very into it and is quite upset when a team loses and throws off his bracket.
I, of course, pick teams based on my gut feelings, their mascot/uniform colors/if I like the name I don't get too bummed out.
But I do LOVE it when I win.
Right now I'm winning.
It's killing him. (smile)

I promise to write more but it's been hard carving out designated blogging time but I am bound and determined to keep it up.
Just have to work on gathering my thoughts better.
I am awesomely witty at 3am but can't remember any of it by 8am.....bear with me.

So, what's new with you?


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