the aftermath

 Let's get real for a moment shall we?
We all know that pregnancy wreaks havoc on a woman's body.
You spend 40 odd weeks cultivating a life inside of you meanwhile your outside is a hot mess.
There are changes in weight & skin to contend with, hair growth in strange places and the whole fashion fiasco.
Y'all know I was doing my best to stay somewhat fashionable as a pregnant lady and still be comfortable but the last few months were understandably hard.
My body was growing by leaps and bounds and my budget was not as flexible (stretchy) as my skin seemed to be.
So I made do with what I had.
And that was okay.
If you really want to see a cute preggo mama check out my friend Andrea's blog for her daily outfit posts.
I think she looks fabulous.
Very on trend, age appropriate and cute to boot!!
Now that I'm on the other end I can see what I could have done differently to make myself feel better about my ensembles toward the end and learn right?
However, now I am contending with a whole new set of "issues".
The post baby waist.
I have no idea whats happening with my midsection.
The upside is that breast feeding allows me to burn massive amounts of calories per day (while consuming copious amounts of food) and is causing my stomach to shrink on its own.
But for the love of pete, can it go any slower???
The C-section factor is also not in my favor. Because of the surgery I am unable to workout for another  2 weeks.
Major bummer.
Workouts are great for my sanity.
So I try to take the baby out for some air and a quick jaunt around the neighborhood while not pushing myself too much as to impede my recovery process.
And while I'm excited my legs are somewhat back to normal looking (minus the hip area) I am not pleased with the mini-muffin top type deal I've got going on.
Then there is the whole skin thing.
Umm.....I have NO idea what's happening with that.
My skin (face wise) has never been so dry and peely.
I'm so grossed out by it.
I use my clairsonic daily and that seems to help a bit but by the end of the day I feel like I've been in the Sahara all day without a hat.
And I can see the peeling parts which is what really kills me
I'm going to have to go rogue and test out some new moisturizers and see what works for me now.
I've also been dealing with the hair situation.
Not that kind of hair situation, the ones on my head.
I have 3 very visible greys that are not sitting well with me.
I own my age but grey hair?
Me thinks not.
So this weekend I have a date/appointment with my sister-friend/hairdresser to add some color of some kind.
It's way to dark right now and that's just depressing and totally not who I am.
Because really, that's what its all about.
Getting back to who I am as a wife and mother of two.
Whats working for me now style wise?
I'm all about layering.
Just as much now as I was while pregnant.
I know that certain styles of tops will make me look larger than I am and that others will only magnify the parts I'm not currently excited about so I try to find a happy medium with layers.
Breastfeeding kind of makes it more difficult to do this when I'm out and about
 (not that I'm really "out and about")
 so I try to go for simpler items that can unbutton or quickly be lifted up without drawing too much attention to myself.
It's all a process.
I'm learning as I go.
As I've said before I can't wait until I get the all clear to resume my workouts.
I know that will not only help my sanity but do wonders for my now limited wardrobe.
I can get into my jeans but getting them to sit where I want is a challenge due to my scar and the puff of skin around it.
 Once that goes down a bit I know it will be easier but that will take a little while still.
Because, really, I don't want to buy "interim" clothes while I wait to get my body back.
No, I think I will just work what I have and see how that goes.
Stay tuned......


  1. check out for a really great moisturizer

  2. you are great friend! you will be back...I am sure of that! Congrats again! xo!


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