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The Makeup Show L.A.

You all know that I'm a makeup artist by trade right? No? Hmm.....clearly I have not been doing a great job promoting that on here. Well, Sunday I had the pleasure of escaping my mommy duties and attending day two of The Makeup Show L.A. It was absolutely fabulous.

A makeup lover (and artists) dream come true. What is it you ask? Well its an annual event in which the top industry artists and pro-driven companies present the latest products, seminars, hands on workshops and forums in one space. I had the opportunity to learn about some of the newest lines, see & test out products, purchase supplies and hear fabulous keynote speakers! I met one of the top celebrity makeup artists Troy Jensen (he's done everyone from J.Lo to Kim Kardashian)

 and re-connect with the fabulous Lori Taylor of  Smashbox (Pro Lead Makeup Artist).

She's kind of a She-ro of mine.
Gorgeous, talented, generous with her time and advice and nice to boot!
I left there truly inspired and motivated to makeSweet E…

the aftermath

Let's get real for a moment shall we? We all know that pregnancy wreaks havoc on a woman's body. You spend 40 odd weeks cultivating a life inside of you meanwhile your outside is a hot mess. There are changes in weight & skin to contend with, hair growth in strange places and the whole fashion fiasco. Y'all know I was doing my best to stay somewhat fashionable as a pregnant lady and still be comfortable but the last few months were understandably hard. My body was growing by leaps and bounds and my budget was not as flexible (stretchy) as my skin seemed to be. So I made do with what I had. And that was okay. If you really want to see a cute preggo mama check out my friend Andrea's blog for her daily outfit posts. I think she looks fabulous. Very on trend, age appropriate and cute to boot!! Now that I'm on the other end I can see what I could have done differently to make myself feel better about my ensembles toward the end and learn right? However, now I am c…

Catching up

Oh my!  I feel so behind! It seems like its been ages since I posted anything let alone had time to read other blogs!! Sleep deprivation and baby cuddles will do that to a girl I guess. I'm not complaining though. I feel a bit like I'm finally breaking through the haze I've been walking around in for the last few weeks so that makes me happy. Yesterday we celebrated Sweet Pea's 10th  birthday. I can't believe it. I have a TEN YEAR OLD!!! When the heck did that happen? Has it really been a decade since she entered our lives??? She is such a little lady and I am such a proud parent these days. A great kid and wonderful big sister. She is very concerned about how her little brother is faring in the world. Seriously, I am like bursting at the seams, I have so much love in my heart for my two little gems. As part of Sweet Pea's birthday extravaganza we decided to 'upgrade' her room. Meaning we made it look less like a little girl lives there and more like a tween's. So…


So now that you've read the birth storyand my thoughts on the difference of a decade let's talk get down to the nitty gritty. Postpartum. Ugh. Even the word sounds semi depressing doesn't it? But this is where I'm at. Almost two weeks post delivery and my body is a constantly changing marvel. I am both amazed and dismayed at the way it's progressing. Being a normally physically active individual I have a hard time realizing that my body has limits and I have to rest and heal completely before I can begin to get my "sexy" back. I don't have delusions of grandeur about how that is going to be hard work but I really want to get to it! I have a passion for fashion and I can't wait to re-organize my closet into one that works for me and my style and allows me to dress with ease and not have to wade my way through items I have no intention of ever wearing. But right now I am stuck in limbo.  I can only do so much each day and realize that I have put immense…

The Birth of A Ninja......

Usually when I have to wait a long time for something it never really turns out the way I imagine it will. However, Monday was the grand exception. I went to bed late Sunday evening knowing that the next day I would get to hold my son in my arms.  I was excited but nervous. Praying for a swift surgery with no complications. There were minor shades of fear and anxiety.  A sense of trepidation knowing that in a few hours I would be cut open and my son pulled from my womb. But, I prayed on it and gave it entirely up to God and took a deep breath. When I woke up Monday, I felt a sense of calm and a bubbling of excitement.  Today was THE day, our little man was on his way! We arrived at the hospital in barely enough time for our 10:30am check in and were quickly pointed to the 3rd floor labor & delivery unit of St. Jude medical center. I changed into a gown and then was quickly hooked up to several monitors and machines.

The nursing staff was absolutely lovely and made everything go smoothly.  O…