I'm so happy its Friday! 
The end of a rather slow moving week and one step closer to meeting my occupant.
37 weeks this Monday......yikes!!
Tomorrow we are heading to a baby shower in our honor with all of our local family and friends and I am super excited about that.
Mexican food......yummmm.
I've spent the week crafting decorations for it all and I can't wait to see how they look set up.
Some might say that I shouldn't have done that because its a shower for me (well my baby bump) but I had a whole Pinterest board full of ideas and why not use them?!!
Upside is I can re-use most of them in the nursery anyway!
On top of all that, the weather is supposed to be fabulous so I'm pretty excited to bust out a fun dress, some eyelashes and get all prettied up for the day.
Had my regular check up with the doctor yesterday and all is well.
No fun happenings on my end so I don't go back until the week before my scheduled C-section unless something wacky happens next week.
No contracting as of yet (not even a Braxton-Hicks) so looks like things will be going according to schedule.
After a few sleepless nights this past week I'm so ready to meet this guy!!
I'm getting more excited as each day passes and I think my other +2 are just as excited.

We've really been focused on relaxing and enjoying each others company all week long.
No one makes me laugh like Babe & Sweet Pea do.
They do & say some of the craziest things that just kill me......
I am really loving this place we are in.

I'm off to get a mani/pedi and run some last minute errands.

What are you all up to this weekend?


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