There are moments when I forget that I am actually a 9 months pregnant woman.
Particularly when I realize I have to potty first thing in the morning and I try to sit up too suddenly and am immediately weighted down.
Aside from the fact that there is a person living inside of me, if he's not moving around I kind of continue to think I'm still "me".
A quick glimpse in the mirror rectifies all that for me, but its not to say it doesn't happen.
In my mind, I can still sprint up the stairs to grab whatever it is I've forgotten, then reality sets in when I find myself huffing up the last few steps.
But it's almost done.
I literally have 3.5 more weeks of this little boy living inside of me.
Kicking and pushing against my skin. 
Stretching my stomach to an uncomfortable state and making sleep close to impossible.
Soon I will get to gaze into the face of the person who has made the last few weeks a little more uncomfortable than I would like.
I can't wait.
People keep asking if we are "ready" for this change and the honest answer is " yes....We are so ready to meet him and see how our lives will be forever changed.".
I mean we have the "things" we need ; minus a few essentials (more diapers, blankets, towels & whatnots) 
No bag has been packed.
No going home outfit washed, ready and waiting at the door.
But the car seat and stroller are sitting in the living room just waiting.
A constant reminder to get on the ball and get our ish together.
But I'm savoring these last few weeks.
As much as I am 'over it' and ready to meet this little dude, I am also relishing the act of carrying him.
Because all too soon it will be over.
I look at the calendar and think to myself: "really? 3 weeks is all I have left?"
It is both an eternity and the blink of an eye.
Funny how that works isn't it?
36 weeks this week and counting.
3 more to go before our scheduled meet & greet.
I've been focusing on just spending a lot of quality time with the Sweet Pea.
She is so important to me.
To this family and we don't ever want her to feel as though she is being passed over.
She has also been extremely helpful in the last few weeks.
She picks up the things I drop and can't quickly reach.
She brings in groceries.
She gets all A's on her progress report.
I am one proud mama.
And my husband has been a gem.
He brought me Girl Scout cookies yesterday.
And ginger ale the day before.
That rocked my world.
He makes me laugh and giggles with me at the awkwardness with which I sit on the couch or get up from it.
These are the moments I need to savor and file away for later.
This has been an emotional journey for sure but one I wouldn't go back and change for anything.


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