My Funny Valentine

This time next week I'll have a new baby in my arms instead of my iPad propped up in my lap.
I will be exhausted and sore and desperately wanting the solace of my home & my bed.
I will no longer feel the random and sporadic movements in my stomach of a little boy trying to get comfortable. I will be able to kiss the feet that have been kicking me in my side and squeeze the cheeks that I have been dreaming about.
People keep asking if we're reedy and I comeback with some self deprecating smart ass retort about how good it will feel to not have a pumpkin sitting on my abdomen.
 In theory, yes. We are absolutely ready. Bags are packed, car seat installed and clothing and room are organized.
In truth, we have no idea what we are in for.
Yeah we've done this before but 10 years is a long time and who kows what this child will be like. 
We can't predict how he will react to his new environment. We can't predict how Sweet Pea will feel once he's really here. 
She may not be all that thrilled in reality. Like both of us she is both excited and nervous about what is to come.
All I know is that in 7 days our lives will have changed forever yet again.
We have no idea what the future has in store but our goal is to enjoy every minute of it.
I can't wait to see what happens next.
Stay tuned.

Side note: My husband is rad and totally surprised me with roses and a GINORMOUS balloon last night in honor of Valentine's day.
He even put them in a vase for me as I was on the phone and too distracted to be bothered at the moment.
I wasn't keen on doing a whole lot because I am great with child and moving so slow, I just want to be still and savor this time.
I love that he still surprises me after all this time and just makes an effort.......swoon.
I chose wisely.


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