Music Minded Monday

Like most of the world I was shocked to hear of the passing of the incomparable Whitney Houston on Saturday.
The timing was very eerie being that she was in town for Sunday evenings Grammy's and ended up dying only a day before the festivities really began.
I had to double and triple check the sources as people tend to "die" daily on the Internet/social media.
I was keen to tune into the Grammy's to see how the recording industry would react and handle the situation. It was quite interesting to see the many reactions to the loss. Most of us who are over the age of 30 grew up listening to Whitney and are probably not as shocked that her life ended the way it did. We remember how she was "before Bobby" and how she was after him. Her most infamous interview with Diane Sawyer in which she proclaimed that "crack was cheap" and most famously "crack is whack". We saw the downward spiral from being the industry's golden girl to a punch line for late night talk show hosts.
Despite all of those things it seemed we all had high hopes for her 'comeback'and loved to see her hit the stage and defy all the odds. But this will no longer be the case. That voice, her angelic soprano that captivated so many is gone from this earth. Gone in spirit but not forgotten. No, never forgotten.
So we sat down as a family to watch the show and were delighted by quite a few of the
performances. My mother in law was over and she was able to appreciate some of the more 'old school' acts. Meanwhile Sweet Pea was very much looking forward to Adele's performance.
And truly so was I.
 I must say that she (Adele) had the best performance of the night hands down. 
Considering the fact that she had major surgery late last year and this was her first performance since then, she knocked it out of the park. Her voice is magic.
 Top that off with winning both record and album of the year and it was a stellar night for her.
I sat back and thought how cool it was to be able to have 3 separate generations sit down and watch a music show together. Yes I let my almost 10 year old stay up for the whole show. Judge me of you like but music is a huge part of our household and we think it's important she be exposed to a variety of genres. It's also kind of cool to go down memory lane as she inquiries about who certain presenters and performers are. She is watching history live in the making most of the time and I dig that we can share that with her and educate her on a few things at the same time.
We also watched the pre-show special with Anderson Cooper and Adele and I loved what she had to say about 'peer pressure' as it were.
"I don't look at a magazines and music videos and think, 'Oh I need to look like that to sell records and make a name for myself'. I'd never want to be a skinny mini with my t**** out and think that's what makes me great".
Hear hear sister!
 In a day and age where "celebrities" are known more for what they are wearing and their bodies than their actual talent this was highly comforting and appropriate.
And what a great message to young girls!!
While the show did seem to drag on a bit it was still overall a pretty good one.
 No stellar collaborations but the quality of showmanship was definitely apparent and I appreciate that as a music lover.
While the world and the music industry mourns the loss of a legend at least we were left with a show that honored music and it's long history in the world.
It may not have been the greatest show ever, but in the end, that's really all we can ask for. 


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