Home is where the heart is

I have an unnatural obsession with watching House Hunters on HGTV.
I fully admit it and it's gotten so bad I have both Sweet Pea and Babe hooked on it as well.
Babe and I can never get over how people can't get past aesthetics (paint, counter tops, tile etc.) and see the bigger picture of what the house could be.
Sweet Pea is just as nosy as her mama and likes looking at other peoples houses and voting on which one they should choose.
We also can't get over the actual prices of some of these homes.
A woman in Nashville bought a home for $153,000 ; another family in Austin, TX got a 4 bedroom for $225K. It was listed at $255K. And it took them forever to decide, meanwhile D and I are screaming at the t.v. to pick that one as it had all the upgrades they wanted while still being in a great location.
How can these people not realize it's not necessarily what the house looks like now, but really about what you make it?
Home is where the heart is right?
That got us to talking about our own home buying future.
I think I've mentioned before that we rent.
And we LOVE where we live. 
By that I mean the neighborhood/community. 
The schools are great and in close proximity and we have a fun little shopping area that makes it a great place for families and even date nights!
Our current house is cool and has worked for us for the past 3 years and was such a blessing to find at exactly the right time. 
But we both know that we will have outgrown it by the end of this year.
With the addition of Baby Ninja we are now at maximum living capacity and I know there are many changes we'd both like to make but because it's not "our place" we are quite limited.
So what to do?
Ideally we would like to buy a place of our own but at this point are not sure how all that will work out.
I have delusions of grandeur when driving around our community but the reality of it all is that I don't require a brand new house with all the upgrades.
I'm totally okay with some D.I.Y. projects. 
In fact I would prefer it - simply because that would be us putting our stamp on the house and truly making it our own.
And I watch enough HGTV, read enough blog tutorials and have pinned enough images to make me think I can tackle anything.
See- delusions of grandeur.
I know that right now I should be focused on my new baby and how that's going to affect things but in order to cope with that, my mind is fast forwarding to the future and how we will really and truly live our lives as a family of four.
Do we need four bedrooms? What kind of backyard?
Should there be a view of some sort?
What about the closets?
There are so many variables to consider but I am going to be patient and just wait and see what the Lord has in store for us.
I'm not seriously worried right now about how things will turn out.
I have this unwavering faith that all will be well and the right house will be revealed to us when the time is right, if buying is what we are supposed to do.
But in the meantime - I will gather my ideas/pins and make dream boards so that when it all comes together I have the perfect collection of projects, decor and the like.
Here are a few of my favorites:

google image

google image


Do you see a recurring theme? I am totally obsessed with grey right now (hence the nursery walls)
and have realized how it's the perfect neutral with which to pair my pops of color!
And I think it would be much safer to have a darker color with a toddler around!!
I've also realized that my decor style is very much modern eclectic.
I love clean lines but require soft, comfortable pieces with punches of color all around.
So that's a small part of my vision for now- but that's just one room!!
Imagine all that I could do in a space that offers me the freedom to change it up as I please?!!
Do me a favor and say a prayer for us that we are able to figure out our next step in the house hunters game? It would mean a lot.

What made you choose your first/current home?
What's your decorating style?


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