Final Countdown

Well we are in the home stretch. The final days of this pregnancy as we go in to the hospital bright and early tomorrow morning to meet our little man.
I am so excited/nervous/ready/littlebitpanicky/tired!
I have a myriad of emotions running through me right now.
And I still have things to do around the house.
Fortunately I have an awesome husband who went off to run my errands this morning (sent him for modge podge. Ha! we'll see how that goes) so I could sort some laundry for the rest of the week.
I am in quite the tither as I have no control over how this week will play out for Sweet Pea and him and that makes me nervous but I know I need to let it go.
We've had a lovely last weekend as a trio.
Friday we went to Fatburger and a late movie.
Yesterday we drove to L.A. where he dropped me off at a chic little cafe for a Bridal Shower for my god-sister.
I am so excited about her upcoming nuptials and was happy to have been able to make it.
 Just in time! I pretty much rolled into the shower but it was so nice to be surrounded by familiar faces and so much love for her.
All of my favorite ladies were there and wishing not only her luck and love, but us as well.
We then hung out w/ my father-in-law for a bit before heading home.
And today, well ,we're going to putter around here finish up a few projects; because who starts a project at 39 weeks pregnant days before they deliver? I do!!
custom subway art

city subway art
We'll just take it easy (my definition of easy) while we wait it out until it's time to head to the hospital.
I am definitely ready for this next chapter in our lives to begin.
We finally finished (like really and truly finished) the nursery and it makes me happy to just sit in there and rock in the chair when I can't sleep.

I'm kind of in love with how it all turned out.
I dig that its so "us" color & style wise.
Clean lines with pops of color.
I painted all the wall decor so if it looks slightly "off" you can blame me.
I'm not a perfect artist but there is love in each of those pieces.
The garlands are leftover decor from the baby shower and that makes me happy to re-cycle something from a party for him and be able to use it in his room.
We have been so blessed by family, friends and co-workers throughout all of this.
I had lunch w/ Babe and a few of his co-workers on Friday, they are hilarious and were super supportive and excited about the baby.
They presented us with a cute little bag of clothing (that happens to contain his going home outfit) and then he went back to work only to discover they had also planned a "baby shower" of sorts for him there.
His whole department signed a card and chipped in on a gift card for the little man.
How helpful is that?!!
They also got me some flowers and balloons.
It just made my heart happy to see/ feel all that love.
So- if I'm not around for awhile you know why.
I'll be busy basking in the glow of new babyhood, but will be back soon with pictures and a name update.
In the meantime, please say a prayer that all goes smoothly tomorrow and pray for our week as well.


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