Digital Decade

What a difference a decade makes!
Sweet Pea's birth and Carson's birth story could not be more different.
Obviously this time we pretty much knew what to expect but it was still interesting to note the changes in procedure over the past few years.
I distinctly remember hanging out in recovery with D &Sweet Pea waiting for the feeling to return to my legs, trying to nurse her and the nurses letting my brother into the room. AWKWARD.
 I also remember D leaving the hospital to run home for whatever reason and then taking forever to come back as he had to download the photos from the biggest digital camera ever and since we had a dial up internet connection it took a long time.
Seems like a lifetime ago.
This time around we were armed and ready with every piece of technology we own. 
I was sitting in the room prior to surgery with my phone, iPad and the camera.

"Checking in" at the hospital on FB so everyone would be aware of what was going on that day.
We had the iPod at the ready for our post baby chill session.
 The anesthesiologist had music playong throughout the surgery (Bossa Nova to be exact) and when it was all said and done he came over and showed me the artists name, turns out he'd been using his iPhone the whole time.
After the baby was born we spent the first hour sending text messages & photos to friends and family near and far. 
It was pretty awesome to have that kind of instant gratification.
Over the weekend I had Sweet Pea pull out one of my photo albums to compare baby pictures of her to how her brother looks (totally twins by the way).
baby Carson

Baby Camryn

I was kind of bummed that I hadn't put more of them in an album even though I know I have a ton more but as this was the cusp of digital photo technology so we have more photos stored on the hard drive than we do in the album. 
Kind of weird when you think about it.
A lot has happened in the last 10 years.
Yesterday I utilized the wonderful FaceTime feature on my iPad to call my brother in Atlanta.
He is currently in grad school and couldn't make it out for the birth. But with this nifty invention he was able to see his new nephew in real time and chat with his niece. It was pretty awesome I must say.
I was able to show him the subway art I made so he could see if he wanted one for his own house and it was nice to see his face while talking to him.
My BFF Michelle is here for a visit (her sister had a baby the same day I did) and she used the iPad to face time with her kids & hubby back in Connecticut. 
It was kind of rad to see them as I haven't in a while and to get to hear there sweet little voices as well.
Technology is awesome.
The ability to instantly share moments of joy with loved ones both near and far is quite wondrous.
I finally feel as though I'm living in the age of the Jetsons. Talking to family via a handheld device? Check. Sharing information the world over via one platform (Facebook)? Check.
This has got my mind blown.
I can't wait to see where the world goes but I'm a little nervous too. 
How will I keep up with all the cool new gadgets and gizmos? 
I can barely keep up as it is now!

Have the advances in technology had a profound effect on your life in any way?


  1. Technology is amazing! So glad to read a positive birthing experience :)

  2. So glad I popped in to check things, so wonderful to see baby Carson's face!!! What a sweetheart! So happy for yall :)


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