Baby Ninja Lovin

Whew! I am one pooped mama!
We were blessed enough to have been given a baby shower this weekend at my father-in-law's house hosted by my mother and sisters in love and my mother.
It was family craziness all day Saturday and we are so blessed to have so many who love us in this kiddo's life!

me & my mom

me & my daddy

 Sweet Pea got a fair amount of 'big sister' gifts too which just about melted my heart.
They were all perfectly tailored to her - and to our activities (baking..etc) so it meant a lot to both D and I that people thought of her too.
I also got a lovely "mommy gift" from my godmother of relaxing/soothing lotions and balms to help me chill out both now and postpartum.
my godmother, my mother-in-love, mom's friend and my mom
I was super jazzed as I got to utilize my Pinterest skills for creating some decorations and was happy to see how they turned out and to put my creativity and late night pinning obsession to good use!

Unfortunately I slipped on one of the steps by the pool and seem to have done sprained my toe or something as its a bit swollen and painful.
Upside is I was able to bust out some of my new favorite eyelashes that I purchased awhile back and they looked fabulous with my fun dress from Vestique.
me & baby ninja
 Our whole family chipped in and helped out with all the yummy food (taco cart, 3ft burrito & enchiladas), drinks and desserts (cupcake tower!) so it was an all day affair.
cupcake tower courtesy cousin Jodi!

fancy cake
custom cake pops

We got some great things for Baby Ninja and enjoyed a lot of laughs with all of our favorite people.

all the Dorsey "kids" w/ their dad
Thank you so much to everyone who came out to celebrate our little man and who took the time to contribute to the joy/laughter/love of the day!
We could not have asked for more!!

Now we just have two more weeks to go until he gets here!!


  1. You and baby Ninja are seriously glowing. Blue suits you just fine! :) XO


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