whats in a name

so we are in the pregnancy home stretch and I for one could not BE more excited.
It's been fun, but honestly, I am over it.
I want to meet this kid! See, face to face, who has been kicking me for the last several months and if my dreams of what he looks like are accurate.
I'm also over being uncomfortable and unable to sleep, pick up items from the floor, and move fast.
But I digress.
So throughout this pregnancy I have been referring to the baby as "Baby Ninja" due in part to his ninja like movements on the ultra-sound and the fact that I'm convinced he's doing tae-kwon do (or something along those lines) in my belly. He's also been - "the occupant" or "tenant I'm ready to evict".
But we've had a hard time picking out a name.
Maybe it's because we had mostly girl names picked out originally and had to suddenly switch gears.
Perhaps its because we have had so many suggestions (no Q - Britannicus is NOT happening) and ideas offered to us it's been overwhelming.
But we wanted to take our time.
Sweet Pea was a bit easier. 
I had a list of names I liked and just ticked them off with potential middle names, found one that fit and thus 
Camryn Alexis was born.
This kid - well like I said, it's been different all around.
And it seems like everyone wants to know "what's the baby's name????"
Guess what? We want to know too!! Ha!
We haven't told anyone what the names are though they are displayed in plain sight in the house but we are really having a hard time.
We've now narrowed it down to three (no I'm not revealing them just yet) and are planning on letting our friends and family vote for their favorite at the baby shower.
From there we will make a decision once he arrives.
D and I both are feeling like we need to look at him to see which name fits.
Of course I have my favorite, D has his and Sweet Pea for sure has her personal preference
(side bar - every single name she has suggested has been for kids we already know or kids in her classes. It's pretty funny)
So there you have it.
Oh and for those that are really curious - all the names we have chosen begin with either a  "B" (which will make us the alphabet family : A,B,C,D) or a "C" (keeping with Sweet Pea's first name).

I must admit I'm excited to see what people will vote for as I think that will possibly sway one of us to the other's side as well!

Wish us luck!


  1. We had our boys name all picked out and then we had a girl! haha Doesn't it just work out that way?? ;) I'm excited to find out what his name will end up being!!


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