Today I am celebrating the life of one of my favorite people in the whole world.
My Dad.
He is AWESOME, let me just tell ya.
Most of my friends who have experienced his generosity of spirit or warped sense of humor would be inclined to agree with me.
He's just a cool guy.
Very intelligent and a modern marvel.
He's taken such good care of me over the years there is no way to ever repay him.
I love him to pieces.

My relationship with him wasn't always so peachy keen. 
No, the teen years were rough (who's weren't?) but going back and forth between houses was really stressful for me.
And then college - I couldn't wait to get away.
But then I moved back and moved in with him and that changed everything.
We began to talk. A LOT. well I talked, he mostly listened.
To my hopes, my dreams, my crazy stories.
And he supported them. As random as they were.
Getting older has only strengthened our relationship.
He is one of my best friends. Kind of weird to say about your dad but it's true.
I talk to him no less than once a week for over an hour each time. He knows all about my friends and their drama. He offers words of wisdom and "old people" humor & insight.
He is a champion for not only me but for our family.
My biggest cheerleader for all my harebrained ideas and ventures.
He loves my husband and his granddaughter and can't wait to meet the little ninja as well.
He's hella old-school but has a Facebook and an i-phone (which makes me giggle like a school girl).
But most of all - he is just a great Dad.
He's everything to me.

So today, I wish him a very happy birthday or Feliz Cumpleanos as we like to say and tell him how much I love and appreciate him.
And this weekend - we will treat him to dinner and regale him with stories from our week.
He will smile as he sits next to Sweet Pea and tucks in her napkin.
He will beam when my husband takes my arm to help me wriggle my pregnant body out of the booth and he will smile with pride as we watch my swollen stomach and speculate on the life inside.
And me?
Well I'll be holding back tears (hormones you know) as I tell him how much he means to us and how excited we are to have him be a very active part of our lives.

Happy Birthday Daddy.


  1. Happy Birthday to your dad! My dad and I have a similar relationship, we didn't get close until after I left for college but I'm so glad that we have that relationship now! Seriously we are kindred spirits, Amber!


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