this weekend.....

Sitting in the window seat of my kitchen, eating waffles and looking out on the rain it suddenly hits me how tired I am.
Tired, but incredibly happy. And truly blessed.
I had a long weekend but it was all worth it and I couldn't be more thrilled with how it all turned out.
I made it a point to rest a LOT last week as I knew  this weekend was going to take a toll on me, I just didn't realize how much until today.
Friday we went to the movies and the kid got sick (like throwing up sick) 15minutes in. Being the awesome parents we are - I gave her the empty popcorn bag to yak into and held her hair back.
Once she was finished I pulled up the armrest and let her sleep in what's left of my lap and there she stayed until the movie was over.
By the time we got home she was fine enough to eat some dinner and have an ice cream sundae. 
Random act of vomiting?
Saturday I was up at 6:20 (haven't been up that early in a long time) dragged myself out of bed and hopped in the shower.
Made myself a small cup of coffee and some oatmeal to fortify me for the long day ahead.
I had a wedding to do and would be gone all day.
Makeup for an entire bridal party beginning at 8am.
Fortunately my good friend Ebony was coming with me as the Bridal party's hair stylist.
It was pouring when we left. Visibility was less than great so we were running a little late to get to our destination.
Once arrived we went straight to work and began a feverish pace to make up for lost time.
In the end I made up 8 faces and she did 6 heads of hair by 3pm.
Not sure that was the best idea for a woman who is 8 months pregnant but I love what I do and powered through.
By the end, my back was on fire but when the bride looked at me and told me she felt beautiful and personally thanked me for making her day bright - it was all worthwhile.
This is why I do what I do.
And it was great to spend the day with my friend. We work quite well together and have learned how to maneuver around one another to get the job done.
But poor preggo body was not pleased with me. 
I felt broken and by Saturday evening was reminded why they refer to it as a "delicate condition". Getting up to go to the bathroom hurt and I thought I was going to fall apart.
Sunday I woke up early again (not at 6am though) as my hubby was not feeling well and had been tossing and turning all night.
And it was baby shower day!
One of my girlfriends was hosting a shower for me at my mother's home and I was excited to see and spend some time with my friends.
It was truly amazing to see how much work this one person put into this event. Just for me.
She is such a great friend.
I brought my camera but ended up taking minimal pictures as I was just enjoying the moments.
I cried when my friend Jen walked in - I hadn't seen her since my wedding (she lives in San Diego) and I had no idea she was coming.
It made my heart dance with joy to see a former co-worker Sandra and her one month old baby boy as well.
My mafia girls represented of course and catching up with them over mimosas (for them) and blood orange soda (for me) is always a good time.
I felt so loved and had such a full heart that I could not stop smiling.
My little man is coming and I got to celebrate him with my friends!

Yes, I am sore and moving slowly around the house. Using the rain as an excuse to not do anything of real substance today and to have grilled cheese and soup for dinner.
But I am enjoying these moments.
This stillness.
The calm before the inevitable baby storm if you will.
I am basking in the ability to be still and just rest the way I'm supposed to and enjoy the gift of rain from the safety of home.

My cup continues to run over with the love and support of good and true friends and I am forever grateful for all them.

How was your weekend?


  1. When is that little man joining the world?

    Hope you are enjoying your last days as a family of 3!


  2. So glad your weekend went well. Hope everyone in your family is feeling better! We've had the sickies all weekend so hopefully this week will be better!

  3. My body is exhausted for you...hope you've bounced back by now!!! : )


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