random thoughts....

I have been.....basking in the nothing-ness for a few days now and it's high time I got my act together.
Or so I feel like. 
I was sick so I do have an excuse but to be perfectly honest, I'm kind of enjoying it.
I know this time of relaxation and preparation will be gone all too soon.
Everyday I get a text or a phone call asking "you in labor?", "you ready for all this?" etc.....
And for me - I don't think you're ever really "ready" per se. I think it's all a state of mind.
The nursery is done minus the art work.
My creative muses are taking a break these last two weeks
 ( much needed after the OT they put in last Saturday) 
We have gone through the many baskets of clothes given to us by friends, a few shower gifts have arrived and we (read: Babe) has put those in his room as well.
Yesterday I picked up the stroller car/seat combo and Babe assembled that in the evening.
As I placed the carrier on the car seat base it hit me- "here we go again". 
Reading instructions on how to install, properly latch and fold the stroller up and down.
It was shocking to come downstairs this morning and see it just sitting in the corner waiting.
It's really happening.
As much as I may kvetch about the sore muscles, the lack of sleep and the general discomfort - I've enjoyed being pregnant.
I'm much more present this time around.
I'll even admit I'm going to miss the little nudges and pushes and swooshes around in my tummy.
It's become such a part of me I don't really even notice it
 (unless I'm trying to sleep and he decides to use my bladder as a punching bag)
But I'm grateful for the movements - it reminds me of this little life we've made.
So it's all good.
These final weeks as a party of 3 are waning faster than I expected.
I am excited to meet this little boy who's been tearing up my insides but I'm relishing our days - just the three of us, with absolute fervor.
I have no idea how Sweet Pea is going to react to suddenly being placed on the back burner while Mommy & Daddy get their heads wrapped around a new baby.
I can only pray we fortify her with enough love and strong memories right now to hold her over until we come up for air.
Fortunately she also has an abundance of family members who will dote on her and continue to make her feel just as special as always and for that I am eternally grateful.

My brain is pretty much a mix of all things pre-baby and post baby body shenanigans so it's all I can do to whip together a decent dinner these days.
But these are the simple times I'm going to look back on and cherish when it all gets crazy and I haven't slept or showered in days.

Surprisingly though, I can't wait for that to happen.


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