Progress: Decor Update

I want to say that I have been a whirling dervish of activity this week but that's not exactly true.
More like a slow moving top.
I haven't been "relaxing" as much as last week but I've still managed to make a dent in my never ending "to-do" list.
I started by sorting out said list into categories: Home, Baby, Business and that has helped focus me tremendously (there's that word again!) 
So I must say I'm pretty excited about that.
 I've made it a point to tackle at least ONE THING from each section of the list each day and this way the tasks are not as daunting.
It also makes me feel like I'm actually doing something instead of being discouraged by the lack of check marks on said list.
One thing I've really been wanting to do is spruce up the downstairs bathroom.
 It's been kind of blah since we moved in as we were focusing on other areas of our home.
(I basically just threw some rugs and a set of hand towels in there and never looked back)
We have a ton of black and white photos in there (not intentionally, it just happened that they ended up in there) but they didn't really go w/ the burgundy rugs and towels that I threw in there. I was kind of inspired by the photos and decided those should be the focal point.
We're not painting this space so I needed to do what I could with accessories. 
I had a gift card and store credit to Bed, Bath and Beyond so I started there. An hour later I was headed home with my purchases.
I decided to keep it really simple - go with a black and white color scheme! 
Black rugs and a jazzy hand towel, a simple black soap dispenser made "custom" with vinyl lettering and we were good to go!

I also wanted to add a sign for the outer door designating this a restroom so I painted a wooden plaque I picked up at Michael's awhile ago my favorite shade of turquoise and some black vinyl lettering and viola!
A "new" bathroom!
And I spent no money of my own!
Then I started thinking, well, we have this blah tray on top of our ottoman in the living room.
What if I painted that as well and modge podged some scrapbook paper on top to give it a more modern effect?
But I'm having a hard time deciding on whether to paint it the same shade of turquoise or go with a nice glossy black for contrast.

I can't decide.
Did I mention I found fabric for the couch pillows?
My good friends Grandmother agreed to make some pillow covers for me, until I break down and buy a sewing machine, and those are screaming: COLOR!!

I am still hell bent on stenciling a new rug for the living room and am hoping to convince my husband to go with me to IKEA this weekend to pick it up. ( along w/ some new curtains to stencil as well)
I've already got the stencil, paint colors & the fabric medium needed to "make it work" 

I just need those final pieces and I don't think I can carry the rug by myself. 
Well rather, I don't think that I should.
I know he won't see my vision just yet but once I'm done he'll have no choice but to surrender to my monumental creative genius!!

And I'd like to have all my painting projects done by the end of this month.
I'm getting bigger by the day it seems and this belly is not conducive to laying on the floor and getting my craft on!

There is something about the new year that brings out the creative in people don't you think?

What projects are you working this year?


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