Not what I planned

I was NOT planning on being up this early this morning.
I wanted to get a head start on my day sure, but actually staying up once I finished Sweet Pea's hair after 7:30am?
Not in the plans.
However, she was coughing a bit and I wanted to see if we had anything to help her out and came downstairs to find a crap ton of ants in my kitchen.
Not looking for anything in particular but I guess since it's going to rain they were planning on making a new home in my sink.
Not cool.
I DESPISE ants. They are the bane of my existence and I will destroy them if they cross my path.
So that took about 20 minutes to get rid of them.
Now I'm up and feel like well, I could get my day started but suddenly can't remember what it is I'm supposed to be doing!
So why not write?
We went out to dinner last night at a super trendy burger joint Eureka Burger in Claremont (conveniently located close to the colleges for all the hipster college kids)  to celebrate the 34th birthday of Babe's BFF and waited for a table for about an hour so we could sit in our waiter friends section.
Poor Sweet Pea was super hungry and the baby ninja was kicking the stew out of me in his own hunger.
However, I had already perused the menu and knew exactly what I was going to have so that saved some time.
The food was good, the company was better and the atmosphere was entertaining to say the least.
All I could think was; I am so glad I am where I am in my life.
I could not imagine being some hipster 20something hanging out at a local joint on weeknight all the time!
I'm sure I did my fair share of "kicking it" as a youngster but now it just seems silly.
But I digress.
It was kind of fun to get out of the house in the middle of the week and I'll take any excuse to not have to come up w/ some brilliant dinner plan.
And the kid enjoyed herself but knocked out in the car on the way home, staying up past 9pm on a school night was apparently too much for her.
Either that or it was the butterscotch pudding that did her in.
I'm still nesting a bit but moving slower and slower.
Actually taking the time to "be still and put my feet up" like I'm supposed to.
But I need to light a fire under myself if I expect to finally finish the baby's room by the end of the month!
Not to worry though, I'm sure I'll rally and get it together in the nick of time!

Anything not go as you've planned so far today?


  1. Do my days ever go as planned is the question lol. I never plan for all the hiccups that come with living with an 11 month old, but alas they come anyways :)


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