Naturally Inclined

I think the word "natural" is being a bit misused as of late.
Being that I am in the home stretch of this pregnancy (thank you Lord!) I am getting inundated with emails about preparing for labor.
There are at least 75 articles a week that I get sent about how to have a "natural birth", how to avoid a c-section and preparing for a 'natural vaginal birth' both with and without the epidural.
I'm amused that there are no shortage of opinions on how a woman should behave and respond in labor a "natural" process that our bodies know how to deal with all on their own.
Whether we are prepared or not.
In a recent statement it was said Beyonce gave birth "naturally" to her new baby girl, while prior reports said that she had a C-section.
Who's to say what they meant by "natural"?????

I also find it intriguing that there are so many definitions as to what is "natural".
Some would define it as giving birth with no drugs what-so-ever.
 Others still would say no anything; no drugs, no  use of medical intervention in any way, just good old fashioned lamaze breathing and pushing.
Others might say a "natural birth" is doing exactly as God intended. 
Whatever, that may be.
Epidural, C-section, medical intervention - whatever is necessary to aid the process.
The point is: there are many different ideas.
 And in this case, it really is "to each their own".
No one can knock anyone else's decisions on what to do with their body and how they choose to deliver their child.
For some women - they dream of natural birth (i.e. no drugs) and others just want to push a baby out of them to have "the full experience of motherhood" others still, just want to get the baby out healthy by any means necessary.
I think I fall into the latter category.
I have made no secret of my decision to have a repeat c-section. 
I know what the risks are, what complications can occur and what the recovery will be like.
And I am still choosing to give birth this way.
I've realized along the way that this bothers some people.
I'm not sure why, but it strikes a chord in them.
I was asked recently when I was due and made the mistake of telling them I was having a c-section about a week before my "due date".
I received a flat "Why?" in response. 
As much as I get asked that and have had to defend my position I wasn't really expecting it at that moment.
I could feel my hackles being raised but then I realized, perhaps, she really was just curious and was not questioning ME as a mother.
Interesting how perspective works isn't it?
So I explained: It's in my best interest and that of my child.
 I had one for Sweet Pea.
 I went full term (40 weeks) and nothing was happening.
 It's been said that I don't really have the body for labor (no hips to speak of and a small pelvis) so I'm not sure that I'm able to push a baby out. Nor do I want to risk extra days in pregnancy to satisfy my own selfish needs or desires to prove myself a "real woman".
And I'm totally okay with that. 
We did what God intended for her birth, and this time, well this time we are preparing to do it the same way again.
If something different should occur, then so be it. I'm okay with that too.
But right now, I'm going to do what feels "natural" to me ; and that has already been scheduled  and penned onto the calender.

Anyone ever question your decisions you felt were "natural"??


  1. Oh, you know it! I had a c-section as well and so many people made SO many comments about it beforehand. And you know what, it was best for us and especially what was best for our child and I have no apologies about it.

    In other news, I also have the same lack of the hips/small pelvis and please let me know how you dress yourself because I have the worst time with pants!

  2. before I had kids the term natural birth always perplexed me. I just figured it meant delivering via vaginal birth. later I was to find that it meant no drugs. bottom line, I think as long as you land up with a healthy baby in your arms,that's the most important thing right?

  3. I totally thought of you when the whole Beyonce c-section/natural thing came out! I agree with you whole heartedly. :)


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