little pleasures

Today was unlike any other day I've had in a while.
I did absolutely nothing.
And by nothing I mean, I did not work on a craft, run 25 errands by 2pm, workout or anything of the sort.
I got up earlier than anticipated and prepped for my doctor's appointment only to receive a call that she was at the hospital and would not be available until late afternoon.
So I took advantage and had a brief nap. A rarity for me.
I had to stop at the store to pick up a few things for dinner
(which I won't be cooking in part to my lovely husband and my mother.....courtesy of the Kansas City Steak Company).
I picked up my favorite lunch of a personal pepperoni pizza from Round Table, came home, plopped on the couch and watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
I rocked in the glider in the nursery to get a feel for it.
I didn't even look at the things in there that need a 'home' and was content to put my feet up for several hours.
I've had a very simple day and I liked it.
There are things that I could go do and take care of but I realize (as I've said in the last day or so) that I'm slowing down.
All the hustle and bustle of the last month has finally caught up with me and my body is having none of my brains urge to 'get 'er done'.
And for once, I am listening. No mind over matter here. Because at this stage in the game, matter is definitely out weighing the mind (quite literally).
It's funny to me to be in this state.
I'm usually a constant ball of motion, rarely sitting still for more than a few minutes before jumping up to tackle the next project/task.
Matter of fact a Christmas card from my dad mentioned his desire for me to relax and enjoy things. Take it slow.
And New Year's day I got a mini-lecture from my mother about resting and taking care of myself.
My husband tells me about it all the time too. He's constantly reminding me that I am pregnant and somewhat limited in the things I can do. He encourages me to not push myself too hard. Which is great.
However, being the spitfire that I's kind of hard.
I don't believe in being sedentary (even though I am inherently lazy) or not taking action in some way whenever the mood strikes.
But today....I have done nothing.
I am doing nothing.
 Sure I'm writing a bit but all that's done from my ipad and doesn't require a lot on my part other than sitting still long enough to form a coherent sentence.
Perhaps later in the week I'll bust out some paint and finish the sign for the downstairs bathroom, make that trip to Staples to print my Subway Art(thank you blogland for the tutorial), bake something yummy for my family, finalize the baby registry, make that IKEA/Barnes&Noble/HomeGoods run........or something.
But right now, today, all I am doing is taking it easy.....and I am thoroughly enjoying it.


  1. I can So relate with this post. After Christmas I felt like I had been hit with a Mack Truck and took about 3 days off to just sit, veg and reflect on my almost SuperWoman powers. It's hard work carrying around all this estrogen. Keep your feet up and take that break, girl! :)


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