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January often represents a "re-birth" of sorts. A chance to start over. Begin fresh and with a clean slate.
31 days of those chances to be exact.
I've read a lot lately about how things are changing for other people and their excitement about the new year.
I must say that my situation is quite different.
Different from years past.
In previous years I would be fervently planning for the year.
Looking at the calender, marking off birthdays and special occasions and giving in to wishful thinking.
But this year - I'm just waiting.
Waiting to see what happens and when this little boy will make his debut.
But that doesn't mean my mind hasn't been fervently working.
I do have some exciting things in the works that I can't wait to share once they are solidified but for now I will  savor the moment, and just wait it out.
There is a line from the first Sex and the City movie that I love:
"Every year the women of (New York) come together to forget their pasts and look forward to the spring"....or something to that effect.
She was talking about fashion week and how there is a certain 'renewal of spirit' that comes along with the spring line.
I must admit, I too am looking forward to warmer days and a lighter wardrobe.
Winter has been fun with it's boots and sweaters, layers and pops of color but I long for the days of  sorbet colors and relaxed attitudes.
Normally, my closet would already be in transition.
I would have purged things from the previous year that managed to escape the last purge but didn't quite live up to their potential (read: they were never worn)
I would be re-organizing my shoes and taking inventory on what I need vs. what styles I want.
And I still have a strong desire to do that.
But there is a little voice inside telling me to wait.
Just wait it out and see how you feel after the baby.
See what your body looks like and then make a decision based on that.
I have to admit I am nervous about that. I despise waiting.
I am ready to have my body back. To get back to working out and getting into my "pre-baby" jeans.
But will it really happen?
I've had numerous people remind me that I'm "older now than when Sweet Pea was born" and I may not "bounce back the same". 
That scares me a bit. But then I remind myself - the body I had when I got married  almost 2 years ago is not the one I had post Sweet Pea.
In fact- it was BETTER.
WAY better, to be honest. So that gives me some comfort.
Yes, I know the road back will be wrought with set backs and being tired due to having a newborn, a 9 year-old and a husband but I am up for the challenge.
I have so many fashion dreams I can't imagine giving them up and 'settling'.
It won't happen.
I am determined.
Is that selfish and vain? Maybe.
Will it help me to be a better mother & wife?
Yes and no - if I feel good everyone wins but when I am in the dumps.......well lets just say no one wants that.
I've already picked up Jillian Michael's 30 day shred which I did to get pre-wedding fit. 
(Babe cracked up when I came waddling up to him with the DVD and my excitement about it)

And  my copy of  'Bootylicious Buns' should be here any day - also a pre-wedding workout
 ($9.99 on

 and I have the pre/post-natal DVD from Moms into Fitness by Lindsey Brin that is focused on a post-natal workout so that makes me excited.

Genuinely encouraged actually when you see the journey her body has taken after 3 pregnancies. 
Three C-sections at that.
 It gives me hope.
My style board on Pinterest has also re-whet my sartorial appetite yet again and inspired me to incorporate some new looks into my wardrobe by working with what I have and adding a few key piece:
 like these boyfriend jeans from the GAP

And this top from Target which I ordered in two colors (if you like it buy it in every color!) it was on sale for $14.00 so how could I say no?

All inspired by this outfit Pin
Simple "mommy chic" but still quite stylish no? I have most of the pieces already so it's not too far-fetched to re-create the look.
I have a pair of similar flats but if I find another pair for under $50 I may be "encouraged" to purchase them to complete the look.
I can't wait to work on my closet, wardrobe and fitness and see how our new family of four all works together!
Maybe I am in the ' inspired renewal' stage in January just like everyone else after all.
Just from a different angle.

What has inspired you this month?


  1. I just ordered a pair of the boyfriend jeans from Gap and I LOVE THEM! After wearing nothing but skinny jeans for the past 3 years or so, it was so refreshing to feel free and comfortable in jeans again :) I really very highly recommend the gap pair.

  2. Supercute outfit pins! You can totally get back in shape. People drive me nuts with all their "so horribly hard" and csection drama. If you work at it, it will come. Maybe slowly, but it will happen!!


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