fashion fantasies

There is a woman at my daughter's school who was pregnant like me and I presumed she was either a few weeks ahead or a few weeks behind.
I used to see her everyday when I went to pick up the kid from school.
She was pretty much always cute and stylish and never seemed to appear uncomfortable or awkward.
She gave birth sometime in the last week (the week of MLK's birthday) and by that Thursday she was back in regular clothes picking up one of her sons.
I can only assume that because this was baby boy #4 that he pretty much just slid out and it was easy for her to bounce back.
I was extremely impressed with the fact that she was even wanting to venture out of the house 3 days postpartum but hey, what do I know?
This is only my second child so maybe it gets easier after the first three?
Anywho - I saw her again yesterday and today and was struck by how non pregnant she looked.
I mean, she just had a baby! Shouldn't there be some sort of post pregnancy bulge or squish in the mid-section?
How is that even humanly possible?
And perhaps there is and she just has on a belly band to keep it tight but it didn't appear that way from my angle.
Of course that could just be my gestational jealously talking.
But I'm pretty sure this is the fastest recovery I've ever seen!
I honestly can't wait to get to get back to that point. 
I long to be able to slip into my own jeans once again (however long it may be until that's possible)
If only for the simplicity of getting dressed each day.
At this point its a bit of a struggle to find an outfit and I find myself (gasp!) repeating clothes two and three times in a week.
I have reached the end of my stylish pregnancy rope.
I'm to the point where I'm not really interested in wearing pants as they feel oddly restrictive and would much rather stay in my nightgown for the majority of the day.
Fortunately for me, the weather was cooperating and I was able to don a lovely maxi dress today that I am thoroughly enjoying wearing but who knows how long this will last?

My sartorial desires are manifesting in a major way via my Pinterest style board and I was thoroughly bummed that the GAP boyfriend jeans I have been jonesing over were not available in the color I wanted while they were 40% off.
Checked back today and the color is available but not the size.
The other jeans I'm stalking are way too expensive  for me to justify right now (+$100) and are known to run a size bigger.
Oy. clearly it's not meant to be at this time.
So I will wait and see if any of my favorite sale sites (Hautelook, My Habit, Gilt) have sales coming up with the style I'm looking for.

It's humorous to my husband and other friends that I'm so fashion obsessed when I have no idea how my body is going to be post baby. 
But since I have a "post-baby body workout plan" I'm not as concerned or amused.
Perhaps it's shallow to be focused on my outward appearance right now and if you think that then, fine.
I'm okay with it.
Right now, in these last few weeks before Baby Ninja arrives I am not focusing on the birth (no need to freak myself out about what could go wrong and all the other "fun" stuff that comes along with it)
I am thinking about my closet and how to make it work even better once the baby is here and I am a mommy of two.
Because while yes I am thinking of the health of my child I am also thinking how my style will need to switch up a bit and whats going to be kid friendly as well as cute.
I mean, I've got to have something to wear to Sweet Pea's 10th birthday don't I?

Does anybody else think about their mommy style as much as I do??


  1. lol, not at all. I love that you do though. :)

  2. Girl you keep thinking about that fashion! Fashion is way less scary then the *ahem* birth related unmentionables. Seriously KEEP THE FASHION ON YOUR BRAIN! ;)


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