Happy 2012 everyone!
I hope you all had an excellent NYE and are looking forward to what all this year may bring as much as I am.
Saturday was a bit of a whirlwind.
I'm a firm believer in having a clean house heading into the new year so we spent most of the last few days cleaning, organizing and laundering.
As we prepared our house for the New Year I was struck by a few things:
One - I am REALLY pregnant. Like I can barely bend down to pick things up off the floor pregnant and sometimes I forget that
Two - it has been a GREAT year. I can say that with confidence and smile.
But I digress.......
I was reading another friends blog before I ran off on my errands and she was discussing her past year and what she was looking forward to in 2012 and it reminded me to work on my 'word for the year'.
For the last three years I have picked one word to concentrate on.
One word to articulate what I want for my life in that year.
In 2010 it was all about Faith and learning to lean on it.
In 2011 it was Simplify and discovering what it meant to do with out.
And I can honestly say that those were chosen at the end of the previous year without any thought as to how the year might turn out and the things that would be in store and yet somehow they ended up being so incredibly fitting.
So while I was driving around with Rachel's post still rattling in my head it hit as soon as I pulled in to Party City.
That is my word for this year.
I want to maintain a level of focus like never before.
Interestingly enough, since I am the queen of scatter-brained, multi-tasking; focus for me has so many meanings.
It's also been my husbands nickname for the better part of 20 years.
One that I always thought was supercool.
I thought about what all that the word Focus meant to me.
More than the obvious of just concentrating on one thing (which we all know is ridiculously hard for me to do).
It's about paying attention to what really matters.
I spent the last year of my life simplifying it.
Getting rid of clutter in all forms (drama, friendships, commitments etc) and really learning to enjoy the simple things that make me smile.
And not just enjoy them but to be present for them, not thinking about how I'm going to post them on the blog, or the next new thing to want, or taking a ton of pictures and not being an active participant.
But to just be.
It was hard for me at first.
 I took fewer pictures, I posted a bit less but I grew more as a person than ever before.
I remembered events and inside jokes because I was a part of them instead of looking through my camera lens at all that was happening.
I was purposeful about my blogging and other writings and only wrote when lead to do so and not because of a want to be noticed.
I spent more quality time with my family.
This year our family is changing in a most significant way.
After more than a decade we are adding a 4th member.
And I want to cherish this time more than anything.
I want to focus on the things that are really important to me.
My family.
 My friends.
My relationships.
 My writing.
My makeup.
My creativity.
These are all things that make me, ME.
I looked up the exact definition of the word (because I'm a nerd) and was pleased to find that the concrete definition fit what I'm looking for:

Definition: focus

The concentration of attention or energy on something
That's it in a nutshell. Basically just concentrate my energy and attention on the things that really matter.
So this year there will be more laughing, loving and spending time with family and friends because that's whats important to me.
There will be time spent on writing and growing as a writer.
There will be makeup done and beauty created when there is time and I won't be trying to be something I'm not.
Just doing all things in the timing that the Lord provides and being okay with that.
I truly look forward to all that this year has in store and can't wait to look back and see how my focus has changed over the course of 12 months.
I'm not making any strong "resolutions" this year other than to stick to this word.
To come back to the definition if I somehow feel stuck or conflicted in some way.
I hope you all stick around for the ride......


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