enjoying waiting and incubating

The decorations are down, the festivities are over and tomorrow everyone heads back to work and school.
Suddenly I'm left with morning and afternoons to myself to write, finish art/craft projects and nap at my own leisure.
And oddly, I'm kind of bummed about it.
I've enjoyed the last two weeks more than I thought which is always a good thing right?
Not realizing the blessings you have coming and then being astounded when you receive them?
I enjoyed having Sweet Pea off and doing fun things, just she and I.
Then we had Babe home for a week and we ran errands, laughed, watched movies, read and just enjoyed each others company.
It's exactly what we needed.
In the coming weeks I know things will pick up as we prepare for our little man's arrival and we will be busy and distracted with tiny things.
I also know that I am moving slower and slower and am losing my "umph" so to speak.
It's just not there like it was a few weeks ago.
So I am cherishing this time.
Granted there are days when I forget that I am pregnant and attempt to hop out of bed or off the couch like I could 7 months ago, and am quickly reminded how round and awkward I am.
I am still however obsessed with decorating and adding more color.
The lack of Holiday decor is definitely fueling that as well but it's less of a
 "OMG. I MUST DO THIS IMMEDIATELY" type of feeling and more like an "okay so if I get an opportunity to do this, then I will."
I think my hubby will like that more as there is less of a sense of crazy-pregnant-lady urgency on my part.
I just want this space to be cozy and comfy.
I'm realizing that I need to slow down and, as much as I hate to admit, I can't do everything that tickles my fancy right now.
I might not be able to even do it for a while so I need to just relax and let it go.
So I'm working on that.
I'm going to put my feet up and make an effort to 'be still' as much as I can and listen to my body more.
I'll let you know how that works out for me.


  1. Love that. I need to learn how to let go of some of my "NEEDS TO BE DONE RIGHT NOW"-ness and just bask in what already IS. Thank you for reminding me :)


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