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Merry and Bright

I doubt anyone is out there reading today but if you find yourself with a few minutes and pop in -  I just wanted to wish all my lovely readers and friends a very Happy Holiday! This is such a special day and I'm excited about watching the kids open their gifts and to see the look on Baby Bear's face when he discovers the pure joy of tearing paper. I am so blessed to have this space to share my thoughts, dreams, and inspirations and am grateful to those who have supported me from the beginning and have continued to do so. From Carpools to Cocktails has grown so much this year and I'm excited to grow and share and get to know y'all even more in the coming year!

Merry Christmas Y'all & Happy New Year!

New Year New Rules....Right?

Not gonna lie, it's been a bit hard to get into the spirit of the season this year. Last year I was so ready for the year to be over as I was beyond ready to meet my little man and was prepared for Christmas shortly after Thanksgiving. This year not so much. I'm finally in the holiday spirit and am ready to just soak up & savor the moments.
It seems strange that this year is almost over. I kind of feel like it just began. And now that I'm getting my groove back......well, where has the blasted time gone? So much has happened this year and it feels as though it's been longer than 12 months.
Births of new babies, engagements, cross country moves of friends, quitting my job, focusing on my writing and family more than ever has been one for the record books for sure.
With the new year just around the corner I find myself inundated with lists of all kinds.
Mostly wishlists from my big kid and shopping lists for dinners and gifts for friends.
But I'm al…

Style Post: Lazy Cute

Whenever I want to be comfortable but still maintain some level of "cute" I throw on leggings and boots with pretty much any kind of top. But being that it's winter(ish) I am so happy to grab a cozy sweater, leggings and boots and go about my day.
This is quite possibly the easiest outfit in the world for me. No belts or buckles or anything to fumble with. Simple, easy and comfortable. And it's great for chasing busy babies around the house. I like that I look (somewhat) put together and still have same level of comfort if I was rocking sweats. It's what I like to call lazy cute. Too tired to pull together a snazzy look but still cute enough I could  grab lunch with the Mr. or my girlfriends and not embarrass myself or them.

Originally, when I scored this sweater a few years ago for the Mr. I immediately fell in love with it's chunky knit and relaxed fit.  I knew it would be a perfect piece for us to "share". After sharing borrowing the sweater one…

Wishful Wednesday.....

I don't know about y'all but I could use some fluff right about now so here it goes.....
I know the blogosphere and the interwebs are chock full of Holiday gift guides for everyone. The stylish mom blogger, the baker, the crafter, the guys guy, the kids. You name it and someone is bound to have created a gift guide for it. I personally love gift guides as I like seeing what others come up with and how I can possibly incorporate some/all of the items into my own gift giving process. They can be so helpful! And I kind of wanted to create my own  for my family but then I thought well that will take forever! There are so many good things out there!  And on the off chance any of them read this I will be so busted.  So......why not just make and share my wish list. So I did. And here you go. You know, just in case you were wondering what to get me.

Some cute pj's for lounging around the house during our family vacation. A classic sweatshirt, a tee and some leggings with awesome e…

In the Aftermath

As much as my head wants to be all business as usual and go about posting and planning and whatnot I would be remiss if I did not write anything. And I think that after three days of a kind of media silence I am finally ready to speak. The shooting in Newtown was a unfathomable tragedy. As soon as I saw the clip on the news I immediately contacted my BFF who lives in Stratford, a mere 25 minutes away. All I could think about were her two children. I knew they were okay but watching a clip on the news there was a young girl walking out of the school and she looked like Cadence. It broke my heart and I turned the channel before more details were offered. I chose not to watch the news most of the weekend as I was not yet prepared to delve into the details. I was still a bit raw without really realizing it. I needed time to process the events of Friday morning but I needed to do it in a way that was more filtered than the blinding media coverage of the actions of a troubled young man. I …

Five Winter Beauty Necessities

It's officially winter and time to switch things up in the beauty department yet again.
I am finding as I get older that I am changing up my skin care routine more consistently with each season. It's inevitable that my skin has changed and since having a baby in the last year I've learned what works and what needs tweaking and go from there. With the weather ranging from the mid 70's to the low 40's it can wreak havoc on the skin and there are a variety of tricks one can employ to maintain a glowing healthy complexion without a ton of makeup.
The Clairsonic Mia Great skin starts with clean skin! I received one of these babies for Christmas last year and it was truly life changing. The different brush heads and speeds let me control the type of facial cleansing I want and whenever my skin seems to be looking dull I kick it up a notch with an exfoliating face wash and voila! Glowing skin!
Skin Brightening Moisturizer with SPF Just because the sun is not blazing daily …

Style Post: Cordially Yours

This past weekend I stepped out of my pants comfort zone a bit and finally ventured into the land of corduroy skinnies. I've seen them floating around the web and kind of liked the look but wasn't totally sold until the Madewell event last month where I let my walls down and finally tried on a pair. Best decision ever.  I was hooked, on the line and totally sunk. For a Saturday matinee ballet performance: The Madewell cords are velvety soft and pretty much feel like I'm wearing pajamas. Yeah, they're that awesome. Also, they're a little more high waist-ed so no need to worry about the butt crack spilling out when bending over! Double win!

My husband called them my "Christmas pants" because of the color. I admit, the bright green is a little out of pocket for me but I'm trying to push myself style wise these days so there you go.

I have to admit I love them and how they pair easily with so many pieces I already own.

And did I mention they are wicked com…

Monday Miscellany: Weekend Snippets

Happy Monday Friends! Oh what a wonderful day it is indeed! Yes. I just typed that Monday was wonderful. What has gotten into me?
How was your weekend? Ours was full of fun, family and yummy food. Really quite glorious in my mind. Friday kicked it off with a lunch date with D and his co-workers. I took the baby to the office to meet those who were unable to make it to lunch and he had a blast. Of course the ladies all gushed over him and he loved all the holiday decor they had up! I also got to break in my $19 lavender cords (thank you Old Navy) so I was super jazzed.
Saturday was a 'girls day' of sorts as Camryn and I had a date with my mother and godmother to see the Debbie Allen Dance Academy perform their Hot Chocolate Nutcracker. The performance was at UCLA so it was a bit of trek from our house but totally worth it as usual. We had a great time watching the show, singing along to the music and dancing in our seats. I loved having that time to spend with my girl as well.  …

OOTD: Keeping up with the Clouds

I admit I was dragging a bit last week. The weather has been fickle being rainy and winter like one minute, then cool yet sunny the next. I was coping with my trusty boyfriend jeans and a variety of shirts and footwear before the weather got wet.

I hadn't originally planned to wear the hat but a busy morning and falling curls required some kind of  covering and I was so over the pony tail.

What did I ever do before I discovered the fedora?
Boyfriend Jeans: David Kahn 
Chambray Shirt: Sandra Ingrish
Boots: Sole Society - Heather
Hat: Forever 21

*photos courtesy Sweet Pea

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A Retail Love Affair : Target Wins Again!

I've had a long standing love interest in Target for many, many years. If you follow me on Instagram (@ambdorsey) you've probably seen my stream of posts on all my Target scores.
I remember going there as a kid and spending my hard earned money on a new doll or getting school supplies and even clothes. Things in the girls department were not as trendy back then. But they always had something I liked so no worries.
Being that I spend quite a bit of my time there my slight obsession totally makes sense. At least, to me it does.
I can't help but stop in there to pick up necessary household items and am always distracted by the shiny and new. This past month was no exception. I have been to Target no less than once a week for the entire month. Crazy town I know.
I run in there to pick up some toiletries and am immediately accosted by the cuteness.
It's quite festive inside with Holiday banners and gift idea kiosks at every turn. Perfect product placement and plenty of poi…

In the Rearview :November

This will be a recurring series I will feature at the end of each month. I used to look back over my journal entries every few weeks/month and kind of see where I had been and what was going on and get some perspective for the future.
I decided to adopt a similar philosophy on the blog at the end of each month to wrap things up and showcase all the highlights.

I can't believe the month is over already. It has literally flown by. Christmas will be here and then New Year's before I know it. Looking back over the past few weeks I have been all over the map.
Emotionally and mentally. I feel like my mind is racing at all times.
Sleep has gotten better and more consistent which I love.
I've gotten back into a morning workout routine and have maintained getting up early to shower and dress for the day for the whole month! (this is impressive. I am not a morning person)
It seems to be working. I think the morning yoga is definitely helping. It's not just a workout routine it he…

Outfit Post: Thanksgiving style

Please note: The title can only properly be said in my Psy "Gangnam Style" voice "Oppa Thanksgiving style....Ehhhh Sexy Lady....." Speaking of Psy - did y'all seem him perform with MC Hammer at the American Music Awards last weekend?  So good. I was all "oh heyyy Hammer pants are making a comeback" and then two seconds later there was MC Hammer!  What the what! Totally off the subject but still......great performance and catchy song none-the-less. So....Thanksgiving: Last year I was all kinds of big and preggers allowing me to spend the day in a sweater, leggings and some cute boots. And eat to my hearts content. This year I wanted to wear something fun and girly but didn't want to be too over the top. I mean, this is my family after all and there is no reason to get brand new for some folks who've seen me in my pj's more times than I can count. I also wanted to still have some wiggle room to get wild with my food intake and stuf…


Oh the Monday after Thanksgiving, it's like being semi hungover and having to go to work the next day. No bueno.
This morning was a bit rough getting everyone out of the house after being off for an entire week.
I really enjoyed the moments and took a bit of time off from all my social media (sort of) and just focused on my family. The days seemed to both speed and drag by. By Saturday I was so confused about what day it was it didn't even register the next day was Sunday until my husband asked about dinner for the week.

We spent Thanksgiving out in the Valley at D's cousin's house and as usual there was an abundance of food and family all about the house.
(I made Mac & Cheese and a few Sweet Potato pies)

But there was so much love and a sense of family that was overflowing , it made my heart happy to see everyone bustling about.  For once I didn't stuff myself (chalk it up to feeding the baby and trying to eat at the same time) so I was able to walk away and n…