Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Best party I ever threw

Thanks Babe for an exceptional first year of marriage!
You are the sunshine of my live.
I've loved you for the last 12 years and it just keeps getting better.
You made me love you even when I didn't know thats what I wanted or needed.
You have brought to my life a balance and stability that I was lacking on my own.
You are the bearer of unconditional things.
You held your breath, and the door for me.
Thanks for your patience.

Friday, July 22, 2011

here we go.....

Today Babe and I are headed to fabulous Las Vegas to celebrate our first year as Mr. & Mrs.
Like ready to come out of my skin excited.
Hard to believe it was just a year ago that I was all a-flutter with a "to-do" list a mile long, house full of folks, surrounded by arts & crafts/D.I.Y projects and a happy but stressed out heart.
I have so enjoyed this first year.
I've known this man for the better part of the last decade and I'm still learning about him each day.
He just gets funnier and funnier and I fall more in love.
Sappy I know but he really is the man for me.
So I'm stoked to be spending a few days of quality time: just the two of us.
I know where we're going, and where we're staying but have no clue of the details.
He's being secretive.
I'm enjoying it.
So I'll see you all on the flip side with pics to share of our 3 days away......
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

one year later......

What a difference a year makes!
this time last year I was out of my mind trying to finalize details for the "blessed event"
and dealing with the drama/fall out of this
And here we are a year later and life could not be better.

I think I love him even more now than I did on that day.
I'm not sure how that's even possible but it's true.
We have been truly blessed to have some wonderful friends and family and the fact that we are able to spend time with them all throughout the year and celebrate many a milestone/special occasion.....well that just about makes my heart burst!
I was chatting with my dad yesterday evening and he mentioned how he couldn't believe it's been a year already.
And all I could think was "that's IT? Only a year?"
Seems like it's been a lifetime.
But I'm sure that's because we've been together for so long.
I look back on that day (7-24-10) with happy thoughts.
I (barely) remember the things that went wrong or were slightly 'off' that day.
I just remember the flutter in my heart as I prepared to descend 50 steps in 4inch heels to go meet my man.
I remember the smile on his face when I came around the corner, and the general feeling of happiness all throughout the day.
So. Much.Fun.
Can we do it again?
No, seriously.
I wouldn't mind it all.
I could do without the craziness that came with but I think I'd be better equipped to handle it now.
Anywho - with the anniversary fast approaching it begs the question: 
"What does one get their spouse as a gift?"
We're already going out of town so what else is there to do?
We were "discussing" it the other day - well rather HE said:
"If you'd like to buy me an anniversary gift feel free to take some cash out of the savings".
I laughed.
Not because he was hinting at a gift but because his gift has been in the works for months.
Winning. duh.
Then of course I had to hip him to the whole list of what each anniversary is (1st year = paper, 2nd = cotton etc...) 
He was shocked.
I laughed again.
Oh Babe, you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into do you?
So I can't wait to get this show on the road, yes this time next week I will be on official Vegas countdown.
Can't wait.

How did you celebrate your first anniversary?
Did you give gifts?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

my cup runneth over....and over and over

Holy abundant blessings Batman!
there has been so much good stuff going on that I have barely had time to write! 
And to be honest, I've kind of enjoyed just being around my family and spending time with them.
Plus its a million degrees outside and SO hot in our "office" when I come the last thing I want to do is hop on the computer!
But lately, lately......well things have been off the charts wonderful around these parts.
What's been going on you ask? (no? well I'm going to share anyway)
Last week my husband came home in a GREAT mood (not surprising) with some EXCELLENT news.
He had gotten a promotion!
We were not at all expecting this as he recently took on a new role in his company once he didn't get the very same job he was promoted to!
And being that they just go bonuses in March, when he started his new role, we figured maybe later on in the year he would be able to apply for a Loan Adjustor's 3 position or be promoted but not until September or October.
Praise the Lord and pass the pay raise!
His superiors took note of how awesome he is (duh people) and decided to promote him on their own!
Congrats Babe!
You deserve it!
Two weeks ago my dear friend Ebony was blessed with a job after almost two years out of the workplace.
You GO girl!
Our other friends Ryan and Joe are also recently employed and have begun working as well!
 Then one of my "mafia" girls got a new job + a pay increase, that is much closer to home than her current position.
 Jobs for everyone!

This past weekend was also pretty jazzy.
One of my favorite people, my friend Amber, and I were finally able to get some quality face time.
I love this lad. Ever so much. 
She just makes my heart happy.
Her spirit is so great and her enthusiasm is contagious.
We spent the day lunching, craft hunting , party planning and topped it off by pampering our feet!
Speaking of, if you live in the area I highly recommend you check out Savvy Chic Nail Cottage in Lakewood- FABULOUS little place and the service is superb!
Definitely going back there!
We had such a good day.
It was much needed as well.

So yeah like the title cup runneth over with tidings of good news for so many!
It just makes my heart happy to see so many of my friends and family having their prayers answered and their dreams come to fruition.

What a blessing!


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