Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog Sugar

So I'm linking up as I am SO excited to attend this year's Blog Sugar!!
I'm going!! Are you???
Last year was super fun and I met a bevy of wonderful ladies and have had the pleasure of working with so many of them over the last year!!
I know this event is going to be even more spectacular this fall, due to the number of attendees and all the fun things the organizers have planned!

I also love the fact that I actually KNOW some of these people in "real life" and am so excited to meet the ones that I've been cyber stalking for the past few months/years!
My friend Melissa and I are even planning on collaborating for a photo shoot giveaway so you DON'T want to miss this!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Some whine & a little cheese for Father's Day

We're finally getting out of the June Gloom doldrums here in So. Cal and all I can say is: "It's about time!"
Dang Summer weather!!
Where ya been?!!
This past weekend was lovely as ever.
Nothing major was on the books so it was ideal to keep it low-key.
Babe and I had both purchased Fandango tickets ($9 for two!!) from Living Social so we had "free" tickets for the movies and were in luck as we're on the 'Summer Movie Swing' and there's a bunch of movies we wanted to see.
Being it was Father's Day weekend, we let Babe decide the first movie ( Green Lantern) and compromised with Sweet Pea to see Mr. Popper's Penguin's . I was personally excited as I LOVED the book as kid and although the similarities were few, it was still a pretty cute movie.
Upon leaving the theater we were treated to a whole lotta little whine from Sweet Pea as she was not excited about her Father &I's dinner choice (Fat Burger) and was generally ornery in every way.
Not my idea of a fun kid.
As we arrived at Fat Burger the attitude continued. 
And as we finished eating (her burger laying untouched on her tray) she mumbles
"I just really wanted Chinese food".
At that point I'd had it as she started the day whining and I was not interested in her bad attitude.
Her dad was also less than pleased. Sigh.
The whole ride home she was chastised for her behavior and reminded how good her life really is.
After she went to bed that evening, Babe and I were flipping channels and found Storyteller's on VH1.
They were showcasing Maxwell
I about died.
I've been in love with him and his music since about 1997 and much of me & Babe's relationship was established by his music!
So we sat and watched it. 
 And proceeded to fall in love all over again. 
When he sang "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever" and "Pretty Wings" and Babe put his hand over mine and we sat in silence (quietly singing slightly off key) listening to this man sing his heart out and have his music move us to our souls.......
It just made me smile.
It may be cheesy that we sat on the couch holding hands for the rest of the night but it made me happy.
Sunday of course was Father's Day and ostensibly would be spent with my father in some capacity but we broke with tradition a bit this year.
Our dear friend Ryan's house was in a fire almost 2 years ago and he's just now getting to move back in.
Imagine two years of not living in your own home.
Oy. I'm pretty sure I would go bananas.
Naturally, he wanted to have his best friends & their families over  for a bbq to celebrate.
So guess who got asked to make cupcakes for the festivities?
I've seriously made 100+ cupcakes in the last two weeks.
I'm a bit cupcaked out.
But- I thought about who I was making them for and why....and realized, these guys are A-MAZING fathers and work so hard for their families.

The least I can do is whip of some deliciousness to honor them.
AND I had recently found a recipe for Pink Lemonade I agreed to take on the task. (albeit somewhat begrudgingly)
The results were FANTASTIC.

I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but BEEP BEEP!!!
I kid you not they were nothing short of stupendous.
Oh my.

Yes y'all these are for sure winners and will be made over and over again.
Perfect for summer!
We ended the evening with the fellas playing dominoes and talking trash and then we headed home to begin the work week!
Good times, good friends and good friends = a stellar weekend to me!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Totally Forgot

I was the featured writer over at The SmartlySoCal yesterday!!

I'm such a slacker but read my essay on my muses and their "Holiday" to find out why I haven't been posting as much lately!!

Leave me a comment and let me know how YOU cope when you're less than inspired!

'Preciate ya!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jazz Fest

As I said here this was the first year in many that I did not host some type of party or event for my birthday.
And while it did feel a little bit weird to not really be doing ANYTHING it was still a SPECTACULAR birthday.
This year was definitely different as I wanted to do something a little outside the box.
My original idea was to go to Temecula and do some wine tasting with some friends but, while talking to a girlfriend who's hubby's bday is two days after mine, she told me about how they usually go to the Playboy Jazz Festival to celebrate.
I was instantly intrigued being that I had heard tale of it but had never personally been.
Everyone I'd heard from always talked about what a great time they had and how much fun it was!!
So I thought, "why not?"
I like jazz, I like being outdoors and I like listening to music.
I like people watching too.
So back in April sometime I purchased our tickets and our other friends ordered their coordinating seats and it was on!
Saturday FINALLY came and it was time to go.
Of course, since it was my birthday week and I did insist upon making cupcakes twice already, I was behind schedule with all that I needed to do and gather to make the day a great one.
7 errand stops later on Friday the kid and I made it home.
I ate really quickly and then got to work on the stuffing for the Pioneer Woman's  BBQ Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers and the second batch of Snickers cupcakes  and the all important Jell-O shots.
Of course I ended up taking longer than I had anticipated and was up WAY too late.
Fortunately for me, my sous chef was around to help slice the jalapeno's!
Unfortunately for him he chose to not wear any gloves whilst seeding the peppers and was subsequently paying for it later (and still is) 
I however, used gloves on my half so I was fine.
Babe- not so much.
He decided at some point to wash his face before bed and thought his face was on fire.
Lesson learned: always wear gloves when seeding jalapenos

Anywho- we still needed a cooler and whatnot. 
So  I woke up ultra early to cook the poppers and get started on the cupcakes.
As per usual I was short one important ingredient in the cake baking process so I had to run and go get that.
While I was quickly putting the cupcakes in the oven, Babe volunteered to go look for a small cooler for us.
1.5 hours later........
He comes home still not 100% satisfied but realizes this will have to do as
Off we went.
It took us about an hour to get to the bowl and another 25 minutes or so to get off the freeway and park but once we did.....oh once we did!
People as far as the eye can see.
Just milling about. Enjoying the atmosphere, taking in the music and entertaining each other!
The festival was (in short) exemplary.
I had a BALL!!!!
We ate good, laughed a lot, enjoyed GREAT company, ran into a few folks we knew and even made new friends!

We will definitely be going back next year.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm finally on the down swing of a very enjoyable birthday weekend and am taking a few moments to catch my breath!
What a wonderful week!
It began a little bumpy as I wasn't feeling so hot on Monday so I left work a little early to get some rest.
Tuesday found me baking mini cupcakes that Sweet Pea so lovingly volunteered me for, for her end of year party on Wednesday.
Wednesday I made, now infamous, Snickers Cupcakes, to take to work for MY birthday on Thursday!

Thursday I woke up to melancholy skies and a little bit of drizzle.
Definitely my birthday!
Went to work and was greeted by a "tropical oasis" at my desk!
Streamers, flowers and a giant tub of  'ready to freeze' Margarita Mix!!
 (minus the tequila - booooo)
As my "mafioso" of co-workers streamed in - each one brought something to add to my menagerie

A lei from J-Money, a balloon, Porto's pastries and a "classy" cup from Missy, Krispy Kreme from MG and more!!
I could NOT stop smiling.
My cup was full to bursting by that point and it wasn't even 10am!!
For lunch we went to my favorite spot El Cholo and thanks to one of my neurotic co-workers/friends (there was a spreadsheet involved) we had already placed our orders prior to arrival and were able to get our food right away!
In true mafioso style - we were even given a "private dining patio" to enjoy our party
(read: gesture & talk loudly)
It was pretty spectacular.

We ended the afternoon with cupcakes and laughter.
It was a GREAT day.
Back at home my dad came out to have dinner with us and also baby sit Sweet Pea for the next day (she was out of school) 
We hit up my one of my other favorite places P.F. Chang's for a delicious dinner.
After eating ourselves into oblivion Babe noticed there was a Verizon store in the shopping center.
He has been trying to get me into Verizon for weeks now to do 2 things:
1- updated my phone plan
2- check out the new phones since I was due for an upgrade and definitely over my blackberry (but clearly had no strong desire to remedy that situation)
Begrudgingly (on my part) we went over and were able to sneak in just prior to them closing.
30 minutes later we walked out with a lower monthly bill and a fancy new Droid Charge by Samsung!!! 
Technology at my fingertips!!
I am in LOVE with this phone!!
I have no idea how to work it all just yet but I'm learning.
Sadly I remember getting my very first cell phone almost 10 years ago and to see how far they've come........all I can do is shake my head.
So needless to say I was a happy Birthday Girl with my new acquisition!
Yaay me!!
Saturday we went to the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl with some friends (more on that later) and it was FABULOUS.
cannot say enough good things about it.
All around a GREAT birthday.
Much more chill than I am used to but still amazing none-the-less

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

t-minus 2 days!!!

In 2 days I'll be 32.
32 years since my brother's life was forever changed.
15 years have gone by since I met my BFF Michelle my Belle.
13 since I met my husband.
10 since I found out about Sweet Pea
2 since I joined the wonderful world of "real grown ups" (aka 30+ crowd)
Its such an odd number, 32
so random.
For the first time in over a decade I'm not actually "doing" something for it.
Like really doing something.
Not just dinner with Babe & Sweet Pea.
But a full blown dinner party, shindig, bbq, fiesta extravaganza.
We are going to the Playboy Jazz Festival on Saturday and I'm super jazzed about it, but we are not having a party this year.
And that's a little bitter sweet.
Originally (as in two months ago) I was all for the idea.
Then we decided to go to Vegas for our anniversary, there was a baby shower last weekend, school is our this week, Father's Day is coming many things and just so few weekend!!
So, being uncharacteristically unselfish for a Gemini, I scrapped my birthday party.
In lieu of an anniversary extravaganza for two in beautiful Las Vegas!!!!!( in my game show voice)
I've resolved to more this summer with the family and hope that I can quench my  party thirst by having another MAYJAH BBQ blowout later on in the summer along with a few other "impromptu" bbq's......cuz y'all KNOW I like to entertain!!!
And I have all these FAB recipes for summer too??
Just you wait and see!!
32 is gonna be GOOD to me!


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