week in review

What started out as a pretty calm simple week got a little bit hectic without my even realizing it.
Monday it decided to rain so I pretty much stayed in until it was time to pick up Sweet Pea.
view from my "office"
 The weather inspired me to whip up one of my favorite Pinterest found dishes Chicken Tortilla Soup and it was a wondrous hit.
I also managed to finish up some artwork for the nursery.

Tuesday I had some quality time with my other favorite guy, my Dad. We went to get Sweet Pea's gifts from him (read I picked them out and he went home to wrap them)
Wednesday was pretty chill. I had to run some errands before getting the kid and was subsequently whipped by the time she got out of school.
Upside was Babe got to come home early as his office "holiday party" was that afternoon and they all got sent home by 3pm.
It was nice to have him home earlier than usual.
Thursday was a short school day so I had to quickly squeeze in a workout before dashing out the door to get the kid. Well let's face it, I'm not really "dashing" anywhere these days. More like walking (waddling?) quickly and awkwardly to my car.
She and I then went to Target to pick up a book for her Holiday book exchange and $100 later we left.
I have no idea what happened there.
I also managed to finish wrapping all the gifts!! I have a few more handmade things I'm going to whip up this week but those won't take long so I'm JAZZED.
Friday I attempted to go get the kid a few things from my mom for Christmas (cuz MY shopping is all done!) but once again it was an early day so that threw my whole morning off.
The kid and I also made Cream Cheese Lemon Bars - I highly recommend this recipe.
It's super delicious.
Later that evening I was able to have a rather lovely chat w/ my BFF Michelle in Connecticut. The time difference usually works out for us to get in at least an hour long convo if her hubby is working and we're dilly-dallying about what to have for dinner.
I heart her. She just gets me.
Saturday I slept in. I was tired. Then we hit up Babies R' Us to work on the registry.
Babe felt like they have a broader selection than Target.
I've already started one online for Target. So now we have two.Swell.
After that we went to IKEA - to scout a chair for the nursery. I found one I liked
Babe is not so sure about the width of the seat. I tried to remind him it was mostly for me to sit in while nursing in the nursery......he didn't see it that way so we're kind of back to the drawing board.
We did however end up with a night stand.
Not the fabulous flashy one I posted last week.
over-budget option
Something a little more simple and streamlined.
As much as I loved my flashy version, I realized it I would be doing a lot of cleaning on that glass and that is simply not how I wish to spend my time.
Maybe when the Ninja baby is a bit older.......
Upside is I now get to use my HomeGoods gift cards on something else to quench my nesting instincts!! whoo hoo!!
I did also check out the rug I've been thinking about painting.

 I needed to see how soft (or not) it was and its about the same as our current rug so I will be heading back there after Christmas and getting my creative on!
I've found a couple of options and am having a hard time deciding on which would be "perfect".
We also found a great desk for Sweet Pea's room for under $100 so that was wonderful.
It's plain white so we can get creative with vinyl or stencils if need be when the time comes.
I'm pretty excited (as is she) about the room re-do process for her. She's outgrown the current style and 'theme' so now its time for something a little more fun.
(insert onslaught or pre-natal hormones and tears here).

Today we are pretty much just staying around the house, football in the background, candles lit and just enjoying being still for a bit.
Yeah right.
I'm going to find some project to work on (sign for the downstairs bathroom door) and sketch out the layout for the living room.
I would like to add new curtains but am uncertain (as always) as to which direction I should go in.
fabric chosen for pillow covers

I was thinking I may just find some solid fabric in coordinating colors for the rest of the pillows and possibly stencil one or two of those but I definitely need a second opinion.
Fortunately I have a sister-in-love who has a degree in Interior Design who will, no doubt, be happy to offer up her opinion as well as a few friends coming by that who's ideas I can solicit as well.
I can't wait for it to all come together!
Bring on the color!

What did you all do this week?


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