quick thoughts on thursday

It's a beautiful my morning and I am up out of bed before 9am.
This is a rarity for me.
Sleep is not really my friend right now so I try to get in as much as I can when I can, lately that's been from 7:30am - 9:30am.
But today I'm up.
I'm not super articulate just yet so you get bullet points:
  • I was super productive yesterday - kicked Wednesday's "hump" if ya know what I mean - 4 loads of laundry (washed, folded AND put away), changed the sheets on our bed, cooked dinner and managed to squeeze in a yoga session in the late evening.
  • Had a wonderful weekend so I went into the week feeling great. Spent Saturday with my Sweet Pea watching movies and having floor picnics until about midnight.
  • Sunday was a work mafia reunion- brunch that lasted for about 4 hours. My face hurt for hours I laughed so hard and so long. I love those girls.
  • Finished wrapping gifts on Tuesday. I have 3 more things to buy, a couple to make and we are done! I aim to be completely done by next week so as to free up my time once Sweet Pea goes on break.
  • Worked on the baby registry and this weekend we will be heading in store to complete it.
  • Routine Dr.'s appointment. Confirmed Baby Ninja is head down (hence the rib kicking), heart rate is excellent and I'm measuring about 2 weeks bigger than I actually am. Swell.
  • Still haven't started my nursery art projects but have delusions plans for that on the distant horizon.
  • Installed Google Chrome on the computer and am finally able to post into TheSmartly!!
  • Found out my god-sisters are getting married a day apart this June and I've been volunteered for makeup duty for both. I am over the moon excited!!!
  • Mapped out a birthing plan and post baby body plan. Feels good - even if it is only on paper.
So yeah - that's what I've been up to all week.
Now I'm off to allegedly get in a work out (we'll see how that goes) and perhaps fold some laundry before I have to go get Sweet Pea (today's her minimum day).

How's your week going?



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