decor dilemma

Sometimes being somewhat indecisive can be a good thing.
It saves me from making rash decisions and a lot of impulse buying.
My compelling need for a second (and sometimes third) opinion has proved to be quite the money saver over the years.
However, there are times when I need to just go ahead and make a decision on something but I get stuck.
I waiver. I mull it over and over in my mind. I weigh the pros and cons.
And then I ask for a second opinion.
It's kind of a pain in the ass really, but this is just how I roll.
When it comes to home decor this strategy is particularly ineffective.
I usually find a piece I think is perfect for the house, fall in love with it and convince myself how well it will "work" and then spend the next few minutes/hours/days deliberating about my choice.
I take pictures to show Babe of something he could care less about, take Facebook polls and send mass texts/ IM's to my friends inquiring as to their opinion.
It usually works out but I really need to just go with my gut.
I know what I want (sort of) I'm just so unsure of how it will 'flow' with the rest of the pieces in our home.
Right now - our place is a bit of a hodge podge of style elements.
There is no one piece that screams: THIS is who we are. this is what our style is all about.
No - we just have pieces we like here and there.
And that's fine with me. I don't need a polished look.
I'm far too eclectic for that.
My husband however, is a bit more of a traditionalist.
Which is why I am generally against throwing caution to the wind and just getting what I want.
It does happen from time to time but it's rare.
 However, when I do - it generally turns out to be fantastic and something I adore.
The whole catalyst for this rant began a few weeks ago when we realized I desperately needed a nightstand.
Babe and I switched sides (of the bed) so now I have no place to put my water in the evening.
Now, most would think to just move the side table from one side to the other but the alarm clock is plugged in on that side and I do not wish to be responsible for turning it on or off.
Last week he turned in our bank rewards points and we got a few fun gift cards with them. One of them being for about $75 to HomeGoods/TJMAXX/Marshall's.
I know what I want and was thrilled to began my search at HomeGood's on Monday.
I spent over an hour in there just wandering and found a few pieces to my liking so I was jazzed.
Unfortunately they were a bit over my $75.
kind of blah - would spruce up w/ paint/stencil

however it was on sale for $69-definitely within my budget

FAB but it's $55 over my budget

equally fabulous but still way over the budget
Therein lies my dilemma.
Do I go ahead and splurge on the fabulous mirrored night stand or settle for something a bit more practical and then spruce it up w/ a stencil or vinyl decal?
The upside to not splurging is that I found some wicked cool pillows for my couch downstairs that would add the 'pop' of color I have been missing longing for.

Those coupled with a fabulously stenciled rug with the same color accents would definitely snazz up the joint.
And there were also some fun hand towels to jazz up the downstairs bathroom.
So I'm torn.
For what I would spend on the fancy mirrored stand I could use for a new rug + paint.
But I'm in LOVE with those blue pillows as well.
Decisions, decisions.

Tell me: What would YOU do?


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