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Sayonara 2011

I had planned to do a "Christmas wrap-up" post but honestly I've been lazy and feeling every bit the 7.5 months pregnant this week. And I've been really enjoying having my people out of school and off work to just hang around the house with. We've been sleeping in and staying up late and working around the house a bit and it's just been fun. I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of 2011. It seems this year has gone by so fast! There have been so many ups and downs but I am thankful for it all. It was a pretty good year. I can't say that I'm oh so sad to see it go but 2012 means we are that much closer to meeting our new baby ninja!! Can't wait.
So thank you 2011 you've brought us so much:
Sweet Pea turned 9 Our first trip to the Jazz Festival We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary We lost a dear friend We found out we were pregnant with Baby Ninja We found out Baby Ninja was a BOY!! My brother got into grad school My god-sisters got engaged I …

wish list

I've been a really good girl all year and have a few items I'd like to see under my tree this year. If  any of you could make that happen - that'd be swell.
Silhouette Cameo
 Clairsonic skincare brush
 O.P.I for Sephora - nail color set
black leather booties
Bootylicious Buns DVD

Jonathan Adler decorating book

Ridiculously large makeup carrier to cart around my goods

What's on your list this year???

week in review

What started out as a pretty calm simple week got a little bit hectic without my even realizing it. Monday it decided to rain so I pretty much stayed in until it was time to pick up Sweet Pea.
 The weather inspired me to whip up one of my favorite Pinterest found dishes Chicken Tortilla Soup and it was a wondrous hit. I also managed to finish up some artwork for the nursery.

Tuesday I had some quality time with my other favorite guy, my Dad. We went to get Sweet Pea's gifts from him (read I picked them out and he went home to wrap them) Wednesday was pretty chill. I had to run some errands before getting the kid and was subsequently whipped by the time she got out of school. Upside was Babe got to come home early as his office "holiday party" was that afternoon and they all got sent home by 3pm.
It was nice to have him home earlier than usual. Thursday was a short school day so I had to quickly squeeze in a workout before dashing out the door to get the kid. Well let's fa…

2012 - big plans for a big year

Next year is going to be life altering for us here at Sweet Peaz corner. We will be welcoming Baby Ninja into our homes in February and that's going to be huge. Sweet Pea will be turning 10 the following month and I don't know if my hormones will ever recover. Babe will be celebrating his 10 year anniversary at his company, which is spectacular for someone in the banking industry in this day and age. My brother will begin graduate school to work on his Masters. Both of my god-sisters are getting married in June. I'm going to be 33.(oy) Times they are changing. So I've compiled a bit of a list of things that I'd like to see happen next year. I feel like I have so many things I'd like to do all the time, but it's generally just a mental list and most of it I never get around to until it's too late. So I thought while I have some time, why not compile my "To-Do List for 2012"
12 in 2012 Buy a sewing machine and learn to sew - I'm not trying to make dress…

the art of saying "no"

I read a fabulous essay the other day about a woman ( a mother) who had recently moved to a new town and who's daughter wanted to be a girl scout. So they signed up. But there was no one to be in charge of the cookie selling and the mother reluctantly went to the first meeting knowing all the while that she did not want to. Apparently none of the other mothers did either. She felt bad as her daughter had her heart set on this aspect of being a girl scout but simply realized it was not within her power or family's best interest to attempt to take on this added responsibility. I had to give her props. It's hard to say no. Especially to your children. And to others who have certain expectations of what a mother should be doing.  going above and beyond for those in her family. Pushing herself to the limits until she is ready to break. Go hard or go home right? And then I saw this fabulous poster on Pinterest
Wow. How appropriate is that? At first I wanted to be offended.  Of course

decor dilemma

Sometimes being somewhat indecisive can be a good thing.
It saves me from making rash decisions and a lot of impulse buying. My compelling need for a second (and sometimes third) opinion has proved to be quite the money saver over the years. However, there are times when I need to just go ahead and make a decision on something but I get stuck. I waiver. I mull it over and over in my mind. I weigh the pros and cons. And then I ask for a second opinion. It's kind of a pain in the ass really, but this is just how I roll. When it comes to home decor this strategy is particularly ineffective. I usually find a piece I think is perfect for the house, fall in love with it and convince myself how well it will "work" and then spend the next few minutes/hours/days deliberating about my choice. I take pictures to show Babe of something he could care less about, take Facebook polls and send mass texts/ IM's to my friends inquiring as to their opinion. It usually works out but I really ne…


I totally forgot - (blame the baby brain) I'm featured over here today!!
Go forth and come take a trip with me down my fashion memory lane!!
Let me know what you think!!

quick thoughts on thursday

It's a beautiful my morning and I am up out of bed before 9am. This is a rarity for me. Sleep is not really my friend right now so I try to get in as much as I can when I can, lately that's been from 7:30am - 9:30am. But today I'm up. I'm not super articulate just yet so you get bullet points: I was super productive yesterday - kicked Wednesday's "hump" if ya know what I mean - 4 loads of laundry (washed, folded AND put away), changed the sheets on our bed, cooked dinner and managed to squeeze in a yoga session in the late evening. Had a wonderful weekend so I went into the week feeling great. Spent Saturday with my Sweet Pea watching movies and having floor picnics until about midnight. Sunday was a work mafia reunion- brunch that lasted for about 4 hours. My face hurt for hours I laughed so hard and so long. I love those girls. Finished wrapping gifts on Tuesday. I have 3 more things to buy, a couple to make and we are done! I aim to be completely done by next…

the situation

Being pregnant is probably one of the most blessed experiences a woman can have. You are creating life within your very being. There is something really magical about that.
But can we get real for a minute here? The flip side of that is that wreaks havoc on your body in ways you never could imagine. We all know the obvious, your stomach swells as do your feet, there is nausea to be dealt with followed by a voracious appetite.
But what about the stuff that no one talks about?
I was on the the other day and somehow got into an article the 10 strangest things about pregnancy.
I was cracking up.
No one tells you that not only will your boobs grow twice their normal size, they might leak, itch and otherwise be a complete nuisance.
Oh and you might lose your voluptuousness post baby.
You know that your belly will swell, thusly making it hard to see your shoes but does anyone talk about how you can no longer shave your legs?
Not too mention the bikini area. Yikes.
No one wants to feel l…