wherein my husband is ready to kill me

I've think I might have mentioned how motivated I am to "redecorrange" things around here?
I have all this time and all these ideas, and it gets a little overwhelming sometimes, what with Pinterest and all the blogs enticing me to "whip up something" each week.
And my budget being what it is.....well new and fancy are not always feasible.
I made a trip to Michael's this week ( I honestly think I could've spent the rest of my afternoon happily wandering the aisles) to pick up some supplies for next weeks nursery art projects.
I think I spent a good 45minutes in the paint and stenciling aisle.
Holy sweet biscuits and gravy!
First I had no clue how many options there were for stenciling and what all they could be used on!
slow party of one!
So as I perused the aisle I found several that would work for my art projects and was excited.
I moved down the row to the extraordinary Martha Stewart section and was absolutely floored by all the fanciness!
But what could I possibly use these extra large stencils for?
Enter Pinterest and the IHeartOrganizing blog where they painted a rug for their boys playroom.

Um....sold and sold!
I immediately jumped on Pinterest looking for other links to painted rugs an oh boy did I find them!!
 (Jen- the lovely lady behind IHeartOrganizing had a great tutorial to check out)
I've been stuck for the last hour or so plotting.
Jen kept if fairly simple with plain stripes but I saw other links for chevrons and Moroccan inspired prints.
Moroccan Painted Rug by A Little Bite of Everything.

Ikea Numbered Painted Rug by La Factoria Plastica

And then I remembered the lovely stencil I saw at Michael's that tickled my fancy so:

Oh hecks yeah.
I'm so all over this.
Babe came home and found me all aflutter with excitement about my potential project and he just shook his head and said:
"You're really on a painting/crafting kick aren't you?"
Hello? where have you been?
I am unstoppable!!
Or so I think until I actually attempt to tackle a project......but I have no fear that I will succeed.
As the days grow colder and my desire to be out and about is less and less I will need these kinds of things to get me through.
The best part is - I will be so frugal doing a project like this!
Instead of doling out major bucks ($150+) for a brand new rug that may have some of what I'm looking for - I can spend less than $100 on the rug, stencil & paint and get exactly what my little heart desires!
I love it when a plan comes together!
Now I just have to decide on a color scheme!!

Can't wait to get started!

Any fun projects you have planned?


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