what's working for me : week 24

I haven't posted an outfit in weeks because, well basically I've been at home and my fashion game is not as demanding as it was if I were going into HL everyday.
It's a blessing and a curse.
I looked up Wednesday (after rushing to pick up a sick Sweet Pea from school in the early a.m.) and I was wearing the dreaded sweat pants when Babe got home.
Granted they were Juicy Couture sweat pants but still not quite the impression I wanted to give.
So I'm working on me a bit.
  • Yesterday I finally busted out my pre-natal workout DVD with permission from my doctor. She said the excercise might help me sleep better.She was right. I moved my bedtime up a whole 30 minutes so that was impressive AND I felt like I did something for myself. I do enjoy working out I must say. Mostly because I love the results but finding the time and energy had been somewhat of a challenge as I've had this DVD since June. But it wasn't like I was doing "the Shred" and it felt good and still wore me out just enough. And I skipped my afternoon nap.
  • Fashion wise , I'm still on a leggings and tunic/tank kick and that's fine because it's comfortable,fashionable and the weather has been tricky! But this morning, I was excited for the rain  because it meant I could wear my boots on the quick errands I need to run!
  • I tried a new recipe for Creamy Italian Chicken I got from Pinterest and it was delicious! Babe was super impressed as was I. Sunday I'm trying chicken tortilla soup in the crock pot. I figure I need to try as many recipes out as possible now, that way when Baby Ninja gets here I can already have a better idea of what to throw together while he naps and I won't be such a crazy lady.
  • Babe finally got the nursery painted and it looks great! and now I think I want him to do one more wall. He just shook his head but told me to go ahead and pick up the paint if I felt up to leaving the house w/ sicky in tow. So thats on my list of things to do so he can get that done tomorrow and then put the crib together and then I can begin the creative process of fabric gathering for the window seat and other decorative accents.
  • I'm also thinking I may make a run to my favorite craft store in the LBC tomorrow and see what they have for my Christmas craft-a-thon. This way I can thoroughly enjoy my jolly-holiday December and get some QT in with some of my favorite creative ladies as well.
  • I'm 24 weeks along and feel like I'm getting bigger by the minute. Everyone else says I'm fine but I feel ginormous around the middle but...duh. I'm pregnant so that's to be expected. I'll have to get the hubs to take a photo later in the evening for me to post for next week.
  • We still haven't decided on a name either.

I'm off to get it together and run our errands so we can come back and have hot cocoa and watch a movie.

What have you all been up to this week?


  1. I had been wondering if you had picked a name! We had our boy name all picked out and then Little Bug was a girl haha. And it took us forever.

    What prenatal workout DVD did you get? For future (FUTURE FUTURE) reference. :)


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