weekend wrap up

Is it really already Wednesday?
Holy smokes I'm behind!
My body is thoroughly confused as is my mind.
I kept thinking Friday was Saturday (since Babe & Sweet Pea were home) and then spent most of Saturday convinced we had to head home early due to it being a "school day" the next day!
But nevertheless it was still a great weekend. We were busy for sure and we actually haven't been that busy in awhile.
We had something every single day.
Friday I went and did wedding makeup all day.
Saturday we had the pleasure of cheering on our dear friend Al at his graduation from the University of Phoenix.
We had great seats down in front and were able to get a few good shots of the graduate.
Mostly we were just proud to be able to share the moment with him and his family.
Graduations are not normally fun events if you're not the graduate, as they tend to be long and drawn out and somewhat boring but Babe and I made do w/ the little Pierre's and baby Madison to distract us.
Not to mention enjoying the variety of names being called.
After the graduation I went to get Sweet Pea from her Granna's (she enjoyed an evening at the movies watching Puss N' Boots) and we went a birthday party for a girlfriend's daughter.
We walked in the house to pure limbo madness (it was a Luau theme) of 31 kids + adults mingling in her living room!
Yanina knows how to put on a party though and her decorations were quite Pintersting and cute (get it? Pinterest?)
Sweet Pea had a blast and it was great to catch up w/ my Boo.
Sunday we went by the William's to watch a few football games as Charles and Babe were playing each other this week in Fantasy Football ( Babe won) and we love any excuse to hang out with the "Quartet".
Quenisha went all out and had a variety of snacks for this preggo mama to enjoy and good eats for the Sweet Pea as well.
The guys had fun talking trash about the games and their fantasy football, while Q and  I brainstormed a bit on the baby shower, and chatted about life in general.
The girls had long since retreated upstairs and all we heard from them was the occassional thud and & giggle.
Mr. Quentin however, was quite the entertainer and was happy to show off his baseball and bubble blowing skills.
Went home exhausted and full of food and laughs and ready to start our week!
It was indeed a Sunday Funday.
What did you all do this weekend?


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