stuffed turkey

I think I just might burst.
Partially out of happiness & pure joy that the Holidays are "officially" here and partly because I've eaten myself into a permanent state of oblivion.
It's been a good weekend. Scratch that, a GREAT weekend.
The kid was off from school all week and we spent it doing crafts w/ our friends the Pierre's, she went with me to my doctor's appointment where she got to hear her brothers heartbeat, and topped it off by spending time with friends and family.
Thanksgiving was a blast as always.
Football blaring from all the tv's, family bustling in and around the kitchen, food coming in droves and when it was all said and done: everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
We ate until we couldn't anymore.
There was more food on that one table than a buffet at Caesar's.


the aftermath

where did all the pie go???
 It made my heart happy to see all the love and care that folks put into their dishes and how we can all come together each year and get our grub on and just enjoy each other.
I was doubly blessed in that one of my best girlfriends was visiting from out-of-town and her mother lives down the street from Babe's uncle so Sweet Pea and I stopped by there before dinner to catch up with her, her sister &mother.
She was making the whole dinner this year and was a little on edge as her mother was hovering in the background,offering up suggestions as mothers are wont to do.
Fortunately me & the kid provided some much needed comic relief right on time!

I also managed to grab a few photos of the family before my preggo hormones took over and forced me to eat.....
Auntie Mimi + Muffin +Sweet Pea

the "Grands"

bookends! Babe & Anthony

traditional pose

mysterious Mai & Me

Dorsey girls!

 We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (thank God for stretchy pants) and I personally can't wait until next year!

How was your holiday?


  1. You look wonderful! And it looks like a great time was had by all! I am so stuffed as well and think I will be for oh...FOREVER. :)


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