Craft-a-holics anonymous.

Once again I feel as though I might burst.
Baby Ninja is pushing and stretching, trying to turn his one bedroom apartment into a penthouse and I devoured a delicious dinner at Wabi Sabi with my dad & family.
Not a good combo.
But it's all good.
27 weeks down and only 13 more to go!
I've mentioned how badly I'm nesting and it's getting a little bit out of control.
I have all these ideas and crazy urges to get stuff done in a major way and it seems as though time is slowly slipping through my hands.
However, today I had to do my glucose screening (yuck) and had nothing to read for the hour they made me wait so I made a rather extensive "to-do" list.
That made me feel a bit better to have things sort of written in stone - now let's just hope I can remember where the list is and to do it all!
I think I will also put it on my phone and set reminders as well.
I also have a bad case of the "I wants".
What can I say it's Christmas time and as I'm knocking items off my list for others I can't help but see things that tickle my fancy as well.
Unfortunately my budget is slim and my dreams are big.
I am currently obsessed with the Silhouette Cameo.
OBSESSED I tell you.
I entered 3 separate giveaways Thanksgiving weekend but sadly did not win any of them.
I do have the original Cricut  that I was able to purchase second hand from a friend of mine earlier this year and it has been super fun to play with but shortly after I got it I heard tell of this Silhouette machine and was all a flutter.
Then I forgot about it.
But now I'm obsessed as most of my favorite blogs use it for decorating their own homes and creating magnificent gifts, labels and other treats.
My mind is spinning with all the things I can do and the more I read about what others have done the more excited I get.
I can do a lot with my Cricut but because I have the basic version I am somewhat limited.
Factor into that, the cost of cartridges + the cost of diapers we will soon be investing in and you have a lot of money being spent.
So, now I'm working on a few resourceful ways to get my Silhouette machine.
I would of course sell my Cricut + the cartridges once I got the other machine so that's an extra bonus.
So that's where I'm at right now.
That and my new love of all things stencils.
I mentioned my desire to paint a rug no?
Well I found another tutorial on The Idea Room and they got their stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils - a fabulous site full guessed it...STENCILS! In all shapes and sizes and I am over the moon excited about it.
(oh and did I mention I could create my own stencil with the Silhouette?)
So yeah - I have a crafting problem right now.
Pinterest isn't helping the situation any either.
I have about 6 wrapped canvas's in my living room that need to be painted, stenciled/designed, a nursery that needs finishing, vinyl laid out and ready for me to cut to label my counter top canisters, rugs to vacuum and all I can think of is "what more can I make???"
I think I may need an intervention.
This is getting out of hand.


  1. I remember the CRISIS MODE feeling that comes towards the end of pregnancy. SO much to do, SO little time (it feels like). Just remember that the birth of the baby is not the end, you don't have to do it all before he is born. While everything will be put on hold for a bit, you can pick right back up not too long after during naptime. I wish I would have told myself all of that, over and over and over! :)


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