black friday= crazytown

so Sweet Pea stayed out in the Valley on Thursday to spend time w/ her auntie & cousins.
Which left Babe and I with two whole days to ourselves.
We came home after dinner and laid about on the couch for a bit and then hopped up to go join the crazies at Wal-mart for their 10pm sale to see if we could get Sweet Pea a couple of Wii games on her list.
I have never seen such chaos in my life. And not like organized chaos, but frenzied, body crushing, sweat smelling over-crowded chaos.
And here I am, 6 months pregnant, gently trying to push my way down an aisle to see about some games.
Turns out the games were not where they usually were(of course not, why would they be?) but back in the direction of where I'd come. Swell.
So I went, found the line and stood in it. Chatted with some characters (the couple behind- the wife had been there since 7am!) and waited for my husband to come rescue me from the oddities.
At one point I looked at D and said "these people are nuts". He looked down at me and smiled: "Babe- we ARE these people". Ohhh....right.
We managed to snake our way through the line that cut across the main aisle and intersected w/ the shoppers trying to check out (that line was over an hour), got all the way to the front only to discover the games we wanted were gone.
So we left. As we were walking out we noticed both firemen and police stationed outside and another line of customers forming waiting for the 12am sale on electronics to begin.
I can only presume that they had them outside due to the fact that,even though it's a super wal-mart, the interior of the store was a full blown fire hazard.
We then cruised by Best Buy as it was 30minutes to midnight but that line was wrapped around the building and we both vetoed the idea of standing out in the cold.
So we went home.
The next day however, we were off by 1pm, armed w/ the kid's wish list and Babe's list of things he'd seen online.
We started at Target where we scored on all items and even got a $10 giftcard to use towards our next purchase!
But I was in full on sensory overload with the amount of people and stuff everywhere.
Things were not where they should be and since I love Target this bothered me to no end so we ended up leaving quickly.
Up next was Michael's for some art/craft supplies for me and with a 50% off coupon we did pretty well.
We then hit, Barnes & Noble for some reading material/gifts and were feeling so good we decided to head back to Best Buy and see what was left.
It was scavenged. We did find one thing on our list for a steal so that was nice to cross off.
As we were leaving Babe asked how I was feeling and I told him fine so he suggested we run into Costco to look at the TV's really quick and I said - "swell. I have to use the bathroom anyway".
See? Win-win!
So we made note of a few TV's to replace the one in our bedroom and then we moved on in the store.
Found another item for Sweet Pea and some DVD's and we hightailed it out of there before we got carried away.
All in all we hit 5 stores in about 5.5 hours and spent minimally but got all we needed.
We even had time/ energy to stop and pick up a movie and Babe built a fire!
Yesterday, I swung back by Micael's to use my other 50%off coupon (c'mon like I was going to turn that down) on Martha Stewart stencil for my potential rug project and lucked up on some fun scrapbook paper as well.
Came home to the hubs putting up the tree, and hanging stockings and I spent the rest of the afternoon pulling out Christmas decor and setting up my 'arrangements'.

I even got creative and re-purposed the mason jars my dad had used for BBQ sauce!
Filled them with ornaments and a branch and placed them on our side board.....taadaaah!
I left the tree decorating for when Sweet Pea returns.
All in all it was a productive weekend and I'm so happy to have a lot of our gift list knocked out so the next few weeks can be spent hanging out with family and friends and just enjoying the season!

Did you have any fun Black Friday shopping experiences?


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