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Craft-a-holics anonymous.

Once again I feel as though I might burst. Baby Ninja is pushing and stretching, trying to turn his one bedroom apartment into a penthouse and I devoured a delicious dinner at Wabi Sabi with my dad & family. Not a good combo. But it's all good. 27 weeks down and only 13 more to go! I've mentioned how badly I'm nesting and it's getting a little bit out of control. I have all these ideas and crazy urges to get stuff done in a major way and it seems as though time is slowly slipping through my hands. However, today I had to do my glucose screening (yuck) and had nothing to read for the hour they made me wait so I made a rather extensive "to-do" list. That made me feel a bit better to have things sort of written in stone - now let's just hope I can remember where the list is and to do it all! I think I will also put it on my phone and set reminders as well. I also have a bad case of the "I wants". What can I say it's Christmas time and as I'm knoc…

black friday= crazytown

so Sweet Pea stayed out in the Valley on Thursday to spend time w/ her auntie & cousins. Which left Babe and I with two whole days to ourselves. We came home after dinner and laid about on the couch for a bit and then hopped up to go join the crazies at Wal-mart for their 10pm sale to see if we could get Sweet Pea a couple of Wii games on her list. Oh.My.Lanta. I have never seen such chaos in my life. And not like organized chaos, but frenzied, body crushing, sweat smelling over-crowded chaos. And here I am, 6 months pregnant, gently trying to push my way down an aisle to see about some games. Turns out the games were not where they usually were(of course not, why would they be?) but back in the direction of where I'd come. Swell. So I went, found the line and stood in it. Chatted with some characters (the couple behind- the wife had been there since 7am!) and waited for my husband to come rescue me from the oddities. At one point I looked at D and said "these people are nuts&quo…

stuffed turkey

I think I just might burst. Partially out of happiness & pure joy that the Holidays are "officially" here and partly because I've eaten myself into a permanent state of oblivion. It's been a good weekend. Scratch that, a GREAT weekend. The kid was off from school all week and we spent it doing crafts w/ our friends the Pierre's, she went with me to my doctor's appointment where she got to hear her brothers heartbeat, and topped it off by spending time with friends and family.
Thanksgiving was a blast as always.
Football blaring from all the tv's, family bustling in and around the kitchen, food coming in droves and when it was all said and done: everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
We ate until we couldn't anymore.
There was more food on that one table than a buffet at Caesar's.

 It made my heart happy to see all the love and care that folks put into their dishes and how we can all come together each year and get our grub on and just enjoy each …

giving thanks

In 2 days time we will be gathered together eating one of the most massive meals in history. I'm seriously looking forward to this meal. In fact I have been since I found out I was pregnant. To be pregnant and enjoying food during the holidays is one of the best gifts ever. Seriously. You should try it. Stretchy pants are in. Sweet Pea is off from school all week so we have a few relaxing and fun activities planned (if getting rid of toys is fun or relaxing) and some baking. Soon enough it will be time to get all our ingredients for some delicious mac'n'cheese and I have serious plans to put the kid to work grating cheese. Mostly I'm looking forward to spending time w/ the family. Hanging out and sharing laughs while breaking bread is one of my favorite pastimes and something I look forward to. We're spending the day with Babe's side of the family + my dad. I know there will be a ton of food, many laughs and good times to be had by all. The whole season just makes me fee…

wherein my husband is ready to kill me

I've think I might have mentioned how motivated I am to "redecorrange" things around here? I have all this time and all these ideas, and it gets a little overwhelming sometimes, what with Pinterest and all the blogs enticing me to "whip up something" each week. And my budget being what it is.....well new and fancy are not always feasible. I made a trip to Michael's this week ( I honestly think I could've spent the rest of my afternoon happily wandering the aisles) to pick up some supplies for next weeks nursery art projects. I think I spent a good 45minutes in the paint and stenciling aisle. Holy sweet biscuits and gravy! First I had no clue how many options there were for stenciling and what all they could be used on! slow party of one! So as I perused the aisle I found several that would work for my art projects and was excited. I moved down the row to the extraordinary Martha Stewart section and was absolutely floored by all the fanciness! But what could I p…

let it be

I'm finding this quote to be so true at this season in my life. Even though I'm currently a SAHM - there are still things I want to do, people I want to see, books to read, projects to work on and posts/essays to write. But I find that I am limited in my hours to do it all. That vexes me. I am doing my best to maintain a current state of "presence" at all times. I want to be cognizant of the time I spend with my Sweet Pea, with my husband and with my friends, with our family before I become all consumed by Baby Ninja and his many wonders. I know it will happen, just as it did with Sweet Pea, that he's all I will be able to think about and focus on. So right now I want to just 'be'. Be in the moment. Be present. Be fun. Be positive and encouraging when needed.
Be home. But sometimes, there just aren't enough hours in the day. I find myself forfeiting my much needed afternoon nap in order to run errands so I can be done by the time Sweet Pea is out of school so all …

what I

Right now its one week til thanksgiving and I'm super excited for it as I've grown to really love all the eating family gathering that goes on. However, that also means there is about a month until Christmas and I haven't even begun to get gifts for people! Well, that's not entirely true - a few things here and there but the question is: where did I hide them??? eek! So while I'm doing that, of course my mind starts to wander to MY wish list as well. I generally have an eclectic assortment of things on my Amazon wish list and it's been growing in the last few weeks as I'm not able to shop for clothes right now. The new SEPHORA catalog did not help my situation any. They have so many great items that I definitely need to add to my repertoire. See examples below:
The Clarisonic Mia complete with samples - a steal at $119 (value of $199) The Clarisonic is the ultimate facial cleansing tool and I have been lusting after it for quite some time. Might be time to break dow…

weekend wrap up

Is it really already Wednesday?
Holy smokes I'm behind! My body is thoroughly confused as is my mind. I kept thinking Friday was Saturday (since Babe & Sweet Pea were home) and then spent most of Saturday convinced we had to head home early due to it being a "school day" the next day! Oy! But nevertheless it was still a great weekend. We were busy for sure and we actually haven't been that busy in awhile. We had something every single day. Friday I went and did wedding makeup all day. Saturday we had the pleasure of cheering on our dear friend Al at his graduation from the University of Phoenix. We had great seats down in front and were able to get a few good shots of the graduate. Mostly we were just proud to be able to share the moment with him and his family. Graduations are not normally fun events if you're not the graduate, as they tend to be long and drawn out and somewhat boring but Babe and I made do w/ the little Pierre's and baby Madison to distract us. N…
There is something comforting about getting a new book in a series. It's like meeting an old friend at a favorite stomping grounds where you know you'll find instant comfort and warmth. I stopped by the bookstore to get the Hunger Games and noticed that right in front one of my favorite mystery/crime authors Sue Grafton had a new book in her latest installment of the Kinsey Millhone series "V is for Vengeance". I've been reading Ms. Grafton's work since I was in high school when my mom was big fan of books on tape and would listen in the car. At some point I picked up the books for myself and have read them all from A to V.
It's been some time since the last book came out so I was really jazzed to see this book out. I immediately started reading once I arrived home and was happy to find Kinsey right as I left her. There is something, so familiar about a book character that you feel like they are a part of the fabric of your life and in a way, this one is. She …

Friday Fancies

Today was a pretty good day I must say albeit a bit confusing. It being Veteran's day, Babe and Sweet Pea were home thus leading me to think it was Saturday for most of the day. I got up pretty early (for me) and high tailed it down to Redondo Beach to do some wedding makeup for a lovely lady. What a special occasion wedding's are! And to be married on 11/11/11 - there was definitely some magic in the air. Specifically since there had been reports of rain today for most of the week. And it rained a little bit. But not enough to ruin this lady's special day. There is something about doing makeup for weddings that makes me all kinds of giddy. It reminds me of my own special day of course but it's also such a precious time in woman's life and to be allowed to share in that day........well it's an honor. I felt truly blessed to be a part of Dionne's day and to meet her friends, family and groom. And she looked pretty good if I do say so myself.
On the way home I had a lov…

I am NOT the one

Someone women adore being pregnant and are quite good at it. They make it look so easy and are absolutely glowing, full of life and love for everyone. I am not that lady.
I am the slightly cantankerous, somewhat snarky, mildly uncomfortable lady who will cut you if you look twice at her snacks. Seriously.Yeah I'm that pregnant lady.
Not to say that I'm a witch or anything I'm just not the most pleasant lady day in and day out. 
I'm not running through wheat fields and smilingly jubiliantly at the camera while my husband looks on lovingly and our Sweet Pea smiles angelicly. More like I'm waddling through Target on a mission to get more snickers while Sweet Pea stops in the toy aisle and Babe sighs heavily when I get distracted on my way to the checkout.
My husband just laughs at my attitude and rubs my feet in hopes that will make me feel better. He thinks I'm nuts. And he knows better than to mess with this feisty mama bear.
I was the same way with our daught…

what we wore

In an effort to maintain some semblance of style I'm back to documenting what's working for me on What I wore Wednesday's at The Pleated Poppy.
For the Baby Bump edition we have the below ensemble. I was pretty jazzed at the idea of getting out of the house and into the public. And not just the Target/Michael's going public either. I had a doctor's appt. and could see no reason to not get a little snazzy. So I did.
 On me: Leggings: Mossimo for Target Tank: Motherhood Maternity Jacket: Forever 21 Necklace: Forever 21 Boots: Steven by Steve Madden from Hautelook

finished project!

So I mentioned I painted the cabinet that is in our entryway? Basically we use it put our keys and other random ish on. I like to drop the mail there on my way in from the garage. And it houses most of our board games in the bottom and a few magazines and books in the middle. I have been hankering to paint this thing for quite some time. It was such a boring, blah brown color and since I'm obviously nesting, I got a bug up my butt to get it done once and for all.
Once I convinced my husband to spruce it up I had to get him to agree on a color. He couldn't see why it needed to happen but I told him we needed COLOR in this room and he finally caved. Originally I wanted turquoise but he was adamant about it not happening. So we agreed on red. And then I couldn't decide on a red. But while getting color swatches for Baby Ninja's nursery, I stumbled across this lovely Mermaid Treasure turquoise from Behr. I was in love. So we got two samples of the California Poppy Red and the Mermaid T…

saturday love

things are brusqely underway around these parts. I've spent the last few days cooped up in the house with a sickly Sweet Pea, there is nothing worse than hearing your baby's incessant coughing all night long while you can do nothing about it. Unless that coughing fit is followed by them throwing up on their sleeve, which is exactly what happened late last night. Swell. So I was on my own for my O.C./LBC run this afternoon. I got a call saying our baby bedding was ready to pick up and that made me super excited as I was planning on heading down that way to the Fabric Barn anyway. I have a ton of ideas for my holiday decor (thank you Pinterest) and wanted to get a head start before all the good stuff in my color scheme was gone. I think I did pretty good. Got some ornaments from Target in the dollar aisle and the Fabric Barn had some other key pieces I needed.

Needless to say I'm pretty psyched and definitely looking forward to the day after Thanksgiving for our decorating to begin!

what's working for me : week 24

I haven't posted an outfit in weeks because, well basically I've been at home and my fashion game is not as demanding as it was if I were going into HL everyday. It's a blessing and a curse. I looked up Wednesday (after rushing to pick up a sick Sweet Pea from school in the early a.m.) and I was wearing the dreaded sweat pants when Babe got home. Granted they were Juicy Couture sweat pants but still not quite the impression I wanted to give. So I'm working on me a bit. Yesterday I finally busted out my pre-natal workout DVD with permission from my doctor. She said the excercise might help me sleep better.She was right. I moved my bedtime up a whole 30 minutes so that was impressive AND I felt like I did something for myself. I do enjoy working out I must say. Mostly because I love the results but finding the time and energy had been somewhat of a challenge as I've had this DVD since June. But it wasn't like I was doing "the Shred" and it felt good and stil…