winds of change

The time has come, to say goodbye to my Hautelook family.
Today marks the last day for several months that I will get up in the dark, the wee twilight hours and get dressed.
(because we all know that in a few months I will be getting up all the same but I won't be putting clothes on for that or showering for that matter)
Today I will race to the train station to get a "good space" both in line and parking and make the trek to downtown L.A.
My doctor has advised that I be put on early pregnancy leave so I will now be off work until further notice.
It is bittersweet.
I will miss all my HL friends & family.
The "train friends" I have made - some whose names I know others whom I do not.
There will be a small void left with out the "need to be needed"-ness of going to a job everyday.......however;
I have been overly stressed and working on a high level anxiety for the last few months.
A crippling anxiety that has left me feeling overwhelmed, under pressure and unsure of myself.
Not ideal for a wife and mother who has things to do.
It was making me insane. Not too mention it's not healthy for me or Baby Ninja ,'s orders - I'm out of the 9-5 rat race for now.
The main question everyone sees to have is : What will you do all day with all that time?
Hmmmm......ummm... well..... how about all the things that I don't have time for now?
  • cleaning  my house, no like REALLY clean it
  • organize the many "things" that are floating around with no home
  • work on the nursery
  • write!!!
  • find a home for all my craft supplies and organize them so they are easier to work with
  • redecorrange the furniture/pillows/sheets & towels
  • NEST!!
Just generally take care of me, my family and the baby to be! 
I'm excited for sure.
Little nervous for what it means financially but I have faith that things will all work out in the end and that this is God's plan for us, so I'm just going to let it happen.

Stay tuned for some household updates in the next few weeks and other randomness.

What changes have come about for you this season?


  1. Aww! Sorry about your early pregnancy leave. At least you will have a chance to be (somewhat) stress-free while you prepare for baby #2! It will be a blessing, you'll see!


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